|   Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2   |
                |                By: JaggedJim                 |
                |             Date: April 27, 2006             |
                |               Version: Argilla               |

 This is my walkthrough for Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2. You can
 always find the latest version of this guide at:


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|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Table of Contents|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Version History [#001]

Introduction [#002]

Basics [#003]

Characters [#004]

Mantras and Hunting [#005]

Hints and Tips [#006]

Walkthrough [#007]
 -Welcome to the Real World [#007.1]
 -Soylent Green is PEOPLE! [#007.2]
 -Desperately Seeking Sera [#007.3]
 -Power Down [#007.4]
 -Scrambled EGG [#007.5]
 -Stairway to Heaven [#007.6]
 -Black Hole Sun [#007.7]

Side Quests [#008]
 -Jack Frost’s Kwazy Kwiz! [#008.1]

Appendix [#009]
 -Karma Rings [#009.1]
 -Shop List [#009.2]

Frequently Asked Questions [#010]

Contributors [#011]

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Version History [#001]||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

0.1 – 10/18/05
Argilla (1.0) – 04/27/06 – Well, here I am with my trademark speed and
                           efficiency with another update. The walkthrough is
                           complete. (about damn time, I know) I just want to
                           take a quick moment to thank everyone who emailed 
                           me about this guide, even those who just said
                           “Where the hell’s my update, you lazy bastard!”

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Introduction [#002]||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

 Digital Devil Saga 2 is the second and final game in the two-part Digital
 Devil Saga series. 

________________________Last Time on Digital Devil Saga________________________

 Once upon a time there was a place called the Junkyard where six tribes were
 embroiled in an endless war for supremacy of the Junkyard. One day the
 Embryon, one the tribes fighting for control of the Junkyard finds a strange
 object. This object suddenly explodes, showering all of them with a strange
 light which gives them Atma that allows them to transform into demons. Inside
 the crater that was left by the object they find a mysterious (and very
 naked) black haired woman.

 After taking the Woman back to their headquarters the Embryon are called to
 the Karma Temple where an entity known only as “Angel” tells them to use
 their new powers to defeat the other tribes and then bring Sera, the black
 haired woman back to the Karma Temple.

 After a series of wacky hijinks the Embryon finally manage to defeat the
 other five tribes. They then climbed up the Karma Temple and at the top they
 confronted Angel. As a result of this confrontation the Junkyard is destroyed
 and the Embryon are separated and thrown into a strange new world...

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Basics [#003]|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||


 -Directional Buttons/Left Analog Stick – Moves that silver-haired dude on the
                                          screen around, and it moves the menu
                                          cursor around too. Amazing!
 -Right analog Stick/L1+R1 Buttons – Rotates the camera. Note that the
                                     shoulder buttons moves the camera around 
                                     a bit faster than the analog stick.
 -X Button – This button lets you talk to people, open doors, and make menu
             selections. In other words, it’s the all-purpose “Action” button
             that all RPGs have.
 -Circle Button – This button cancels selections.
 -Triangle Button – This button brings up the map and turns on/off Auto-Battle.
 -Square Button – Opens the menu. Hooray!


 -Karma Terminal – These come in two varieties, Large and Small. All Karma
                   Terminals regardless of size allow you to save your game
                   and purchase Mantras. You can also use them to teleport to
                   any Large Karma terminal in a dungeon. Finally, you can
                   restore your HP and MP at Large Karma Terminals, but it
                   will cost money to do so.
 -Life Terminal – These allow you restore your HP and MP.
 -Mad Mart – You can buy and sell items here.
 -Rejuvenating Light – These Rejuvenating Lights will completely restore your
                       party, and unlike Large Karma Terminals and Life
                       Terminals they are completely free to use.

   Solar Data

 If you look in the upper left you will see a black circle with a number
 inside it. This number represents the current amount of Solar Data there is.
 Solar Data works kind of like Kagutsuchi did in Nocturne, where there are
 eight (well technically there are nine, since we are including zero here)
 levels of Solar Data and is represented by the current level of Solar Data
 over eight. 

 After about every 15-18 steps you take, the amount of Solar Data will
 advance. Solar Data starts at MIN (0/8) and the amount of Solar Data will
 steadily increase until it reaches MAX, (8/8) at which point it will steadily
 decrease until reaches MIN again, and then it will cycle back around towards
 Max again, and so on and so on.

 Truth be told, you shouldn’t worry too much about Solar Data too much,
 because it doesn’t really affect the game all that much. Solar Data also
 affects certain skills like MIN Critical and MAX Critical, and the effects of
 the Estoma Spray and Magic Reed will only last until the next MIN Solar
 Noise. If a character is suffering from an ailment there is a 50% chance of
 that ailment being cured at MIN Solar Data. Finally, If Solar Data is at 7/8
 or MAX there is a chance that you will fight the battle in Berserk Mode.

   Hard Mode

 New to the game is the Hard Mode. Hard Mode is unlocked either by completing
 the game and then loading the Clear Data or by Importing Digital Devil Saga 1
 Clear Data. The Hard Mode of Digital Devil Saga 2 is, well, harder than the
 normal game, not only do enemies hit much harder than they do normally,
 (being critical-ed or having your weak point hit is especially painful in
 Hard Mode) but it is also much more difficult to escape a battle. In Hard
 Mode you only have about a thirty percent chance of successfully escaping.
 Finally, there is a secret boss that can only be fought on Hard Mode.

   Karma Rings

 Karma Rings are another new addition to the game. Every character can equip
 one Karma ring, and they function sort of like the accessories of other RPGs,
 raising your stats or giving your characters special abilities. Karma Rings
 can be augmented by attaching gems to them. Attaching a Gem to a ring will
 raise the stats of the ring when equipped.

================================|Battle System|================================

 Digital Devil Saga 2 uses a unique battle system called the Press Turn
 System. If you have played Nocturne before you already have a good idea on
 how the battle system works, because DDS uses the same battle system as
 Nocturne with a few minor tweaks.

 Battles in DDS are turn based, with one side acting first, and then the other
 side gets to act, and so on until one side is defeated. If you look in the
 upper right hand corner you will see a number of hexagonal shaped icons. Each
 of these icons ostensibly represents the number of actions you can do, but
 depending on the result of those actions you can either end up with
 additional or fewer actions. The total number of icons that each side gets
 for their turn is equal to the number of living characters that side has.
 (Although this is not always the case, as some random enemies along with most
 bosses will get 2-5 icons per turn, and some enemies can use Rage/Psycho Rage
 to boost the number of icons the have by two or four flashing icons
 respectively. Nobody ever said life was fair.)

 Normally whenever you attack or use a skill or an item then it will consume
 one icon. If that attack or skill is a Critical or hits the target’s
 weakness, however, it will cause one icon to start flashing. The next action
 will then consume this flashing icon, basically giving that side an extra
 action. If you already have one or more flashing icons and the next action is
 another critical/weakness it won’t consume that flashing icon, it will
 instead cause the next icon to start flashing too. This will continue until
 all the icons are flashing, at which point every action will consume one
 flashing icon regardless of whether it was a critical/weakness or not. Watch
 out though, if an attack fails or is blocked then two icons are consumed, and
 if it is repelled or drained then ALL remaining icons are consumed and it
 becomes the other side’s turn.

-Note: For skills that have a probability of working (like Hama or Mudo) there
       is a difference between a failed attack and one that just didn’t work.
       If it didn’t work then it will only consume one icon, but if the attack
       fails then you will lose two icons.

 Finally, If you decide to Pass a character’s turn and there are no flashing
 icons then it cause an icon to flash, but if there are already flashing icons
 then it will always consume a flashing icon.


 As you go through the game you will inflict and be inflicted with a variety
 of status ailments. The following section lists all the ailments in the game,
 along with how to prevent them from happening and how to cure the ailment if
 you are affected. Some ailments will only last until the end of the current
 battle, while some are permanent, they will last until they are healed by an
 Item or a Life Terminal. Ailments that are not permanent may also end at the
 start of a turn, depending on the afflicted character’s Luck stat. Also, a
 character can only be affected by one ailment at a time; if another ailment
 is inflicted then the first ailment is cancelled.

-Note: If you use a physical attack skill that has a chance of causing an
       ailment and that attack gets Blocked/Repelled/Drained than the ailment
       will have no chance of affecting the target.


 Permanent? – Kinda. You won’t recover from this mid-battle, but it does wear
              off after the battle is over.
 Prevent – Anything that protects you from Death
 Cure – Dis-Stone, Petradi

 When a character is turned to Stone they will not be able to act and will
 automatically lose their turn. If a character that has been turned to Stone
 is hit with a physical attack there is a very high chance that they will
 shatter and be killed. Despite what it may look like, a shattered character
 is treated like a dead character and can be revived with a Revival Gem or
 something like that.


 Permanent? – Yes
 Prevent – Anything that protects you from Death
 Cure – Dis-Curse, Cursedi

 When a Cursed character attacks they will receive the same amount of damage
 as they inflicted. If the target is killed then the cursed character will
 receive no damage. If a Cursed character doesn’t attack then nothing happens.


 Permanent? – Yes
 Prevent – Void Poison, Null Poison
 Cure – Dis-Poison, Posmudi

 When a character is poisoned they will take damage after every action they
 make. A poisoned character outside of battle will also lose a few HP every
 few steps Serph takes.


 Permanent? – Yes
 Prevent – Void Mute, Null Mute
 Cure – Dis-Mute, Closedi

 A character with the Mute ailment will be unable to use any skill that costs
 MP to use. It is kinda fun to inflict Mute on a magic-heavy enemy and watch
 them fruitlessly try to cast their spells.


 Permanent? - No
 Prevent – Void Charm, Null Charm
 Cure – Panacea, Patra, Me Patra

 A charmed character will automatically do one of the following actions: do
 nothing and lose a turn, attack their own party members, or heal the enemy.
 This is a pretty nasty status ailment to be hit with; you definitely want to
 heal this as soon as possible.


 Permanent? - No
 Prevent – Void Panic, Null Panic
 Cure – Panacea, Patra, Me Patra

 A panicked character might do what you tell them to do... Or they could
 randomly use one of their skills, Revert to human form or withdraw from
 battle completely, or they just do nothing and lose a turn. Unfortunately,
 you will also sometimes drop money too.


 Permanent? – No
 Prevent – Void Nerve, Null Nerve
 Cure – Panacea, Patra, Me Patra

 A sleeping character will automatically lose their turn, and when they are
 physically attacked there is a high chance of a critical hit. Sleeping
 characters will also regain some HP and MP when it is their turn.


 Permanent? – Yes
 Prevent – Void Nerve, Null Nerve
 Cure – Dis-Stun, Paraladi

 When a stunned character attacks they have a much higher chance of the attack
 failing. When they are attacked they also have a much higher chance of being
 hit with a critical.


 Permanent? - Yes
 Prevent – Iron Stomach, not using Hunt skills
 Cure – Dis-Ache, Achedi

 This ailment is a bit different than the others, as the ache status is a
 direct result of using Hunt skills. A character with a stomachache will
 randomly lose their turn. Also, they will NOT gain any AP after the battle.


 Permanent? – No
 Prevent – Anything that protects against Ice attacks
 Cure – N/A

 Whenever an Ice attack is used there is a chance that the target will be
 frozen. Any physical attack against a frozen target will automatically be a
 critical. A frozen target will also lose any Null, Repel, and Drain
 protections they had. Frozen status will last only until the next turn. Also
 Hunt skills are much less effective against frozen enemies. (I guess demons
 don’t like frozen food...)


 Permanent? - No
 Prevent – Anything that prevents against Elec Attacks
 Cure – N/A

 Whenever an Elec attack is used there is a chance that the target will be
 shocked. This status ailment is more or less just like Freeze, except shocked
 targets don’t lose their protections like they do when they’re frozen.


 Permanent? – No
 Prevent – N/A
 Cure – N/A

 The frightened status ailment can only affect enemies. An enemy that has been
 frightened will take triple damage from damaging Hunt skills, and instant
 death Hunt skills are guaranteed to work. Enemies will only remain frightened
 until their next turn.


 Permanent? – No
 Prevent – Nothing
 Cure – Wait a few turns

 When a Character is bound they will unable to do anything. Also if the enemy
 physically attacks a bound character they will automatically be Critical-ed.


 Permanent? - No
 Prevent – Nothing
 Cure – Wait a few turns

 Your character has been transformed into a bat. A character that has
 transformed will have their stats lowered to next to nothing, and they will
 also become weak to Force attacks. You only have to deal with this ailment
 during a single battle.

================|Importing Save Data from Digital Devil Saga 1|================

 If you play through the first Digital Devil Saga and have a New Cycle Save (a
 save made after beating the final boss of DDS 1) you can Import this save
 into DDS 2 and get some nice little bonuses.

-Note: If you a importing a DDS 1 save with multiple playthroughs on it then
       only the choices made on the most recent play through of the game will
       count. So if you messed up something on your first play through but got
       it right on a replay you will get the bonus. Conversely, if you get it
       right the first time and mess it up on the second then you won’t get
       the bonus.

-If you import any DDS 1 save then Hard Mode will be automatically unlocked.

-A character will get a bonus to their stats depending on how many Mantras
 they mastered in DDS 1. The maximum Bonus is +5 to all stats.

-When Serph sells his Tag Ring he may get more money depending on how much
 Macca you had at the end of DDS 1. If you had a one million or more Macca in
 DDS 1 then you will get $20000 instead of $10000.

-If you import any DDS 1 save then Gale will learn the unique “Pyriphlegethon”
 skill when you reach the final Dungeon.

-In DDS 1 after going through Svadhisthana you are given a Dialog choice,
 answer “We will help them without betrayal” and Argilla will get the Seraph
 Lore skill when you reach the final dungeon.

-If you agreed to deliver a message for the Ex-Solids outside the Karma Temple
 to Amelia you will find her in Sala Park halfway through the game. She will
 give you a Lotus Flower which you can then trade for a Soma in the final

-If you defeated certain optional bosses in DDS 1 you will be able to acquire
 Special Karma Rings. These Rings are acquired during the course of the game,
 you can’t miss them. The list of the bosses and what rings the give are as
     -King Frost:   Hee-Ho Ring
     -Metatron:     Divine Ring
     -Beelzebub:    Skull Ring
     -Huang Long:   Dragon Ring
     -Demi-Fiend:   Amala Ring

   Getting Heat

 Although he is AWOL for most of the game, you can still get Heat to join in
 the final dungeon. To do this, however you need to make several dialog
 choices over both games. First, you need to make the following dialog choices
 in DDS 1:

 -In Coordinate 136 when Heat challenges you, answer “No, I can’t...”

 -In Ajna after defeating Ravana answer “It doesn’t matter.”

 Of course this is only the first step, you then have to import into DDS 2 and
 make two more dialog choices over the course of the game. If you select all
 four correct dialog choices then Heat will take over for Roland when you
 reach the final dungeon.

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Characters [#004]|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

 Coming soon, I hope...

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||Mantras and Hunting [#005]||||||||||||||||||||||||||

 Nothing here...

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Hints and Tips [#006]|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

-Explore every place thoroughly and use your map to look for places you might
 have missed. 

-Save often. Although you are not one Mudo spell away from a game over like
 you were in Nocturne, battles can still go south on you pretty quickly if you
 aren’t careful.

-Know thy enemy. As you go through the game try to keep track of things like
 what the enemy’s Resistances are and what skills they use. Knowing how to
 best attack the enemy and defend yourself from attacks is a key part of being
 successful in combat.

-On a similar note, you should always try to exploit an enemy’s weakness. Doing
 more damage and getting extra turns is always a good thing, right?

-Don’t be afraid to retreat. If the battle starts to go against you it’s
 usually better to just run away and regroup instead of trying to stick it
 out. This is especially important when fighting in Berserk Mode, as things
 can go downhill on you VERY quickly, and retreating is guaranteed to work
 during Berserk Mode. (Even during Hard Mode.)

-Hunt skills don’t count as physical attacks and will work even on Physical
 immune monsters. Just thought you’d like to know.

-Do NOT ignore Agility and Luck when you are raising Serph’s (and later
 Seraph’s) stats at level up. Although they don’t have immediately noticeable
 effects like Strength, Vitality, or Magic does, Agility and Luck does play an
 important part in how effective Serph is. (Without Agility Serph will hardly
 ever hit anything or get to attack first in battle, and Luck effects how
 often you critical, what items that your enemies drop, and a bunch of other

-Make sure that you use the Elemental Boost and Amp skills. These skills can
 significantly enhance the damage of elemental magic and makes them the most
 effective attacks in the game, but watch out for resistances. (Getting an
 Amped Mazandyne bounced back in your face is not fun...)

-The elemental Resist skills will override a character’s weakness to that
 element. For that reason you want to try to get each character to the end of
 the Elemental path that corresponds to their weakness as soon as you can.

-Remember that the various shield skills will only last one turn and you can
 only have one of them up at a time. If you already have a Shield skill active
 and you use a second one then the effect of the first shield is cancelled.

-Don’t underestimate the value of the various –Kaja and –Kunda skills. Very
 few enemies in this game carry Dekaja or Dekunda, and when they do they
 hardly ever use it. If you are having problems in a battle try spending a few
 turns applying Tarunda/Makanda and/or Rakukaja, it will make a big difference
 in helping you stay alive. (although oddly enough these skills will only
 stack three times in DDS 2 instead of four times like they did in DDS 1)

-Try to fight in demon form as often as you can. Although there are demons out
 there that are weak to Guns, it’s usually a waste of time to spend a turn
 reverting back to take advantage of the weakness. You also can’t use any
 skills while you are in human form, either.

-A character’s human form has different resistances than their demon form.
 They take normal damage from all elements but have a weakness to Guns and are
 immune to Expel attacks.

-You won’t gain any AP when you kill a Human enemy. (You also can’t use Hunt
 skills on them either.) The only way to get AP from a human enemy is to wait
 until they transform.

-Remember that most of your money should be put into purchasing Mantras, not
 buying worthless crap at the Mad Mart. Try to limit your purchases to Healing
 Items and even then only if you are about to run out of that Item.

-Never EVER buy ammo from the Mad Mart. Like I said before, you will hardly
 ever do any fighting in human form, and the Ammo found in the field should be
 more than enough when you do.

-Try to raise your Shop Rank to Level 2 as soon as you can. When you do save
 your game then buy Crimson Boxes until you get the Rich Ring. (Remember that
 you have a better chance of getting the Rich Ring at MAX Solar Data, and if
 you run out of money just reload and try again) The Rich Ring increases the
 amount of money you get after a battle, so getting it as soon as possible is
 a big help.

-To Raise your shop Rank quickly try buying a lot of an item and then
 immediately selling back what you bought. You will get points for both
 transactions, and you will get back some money from selling what you bought.

-The effects of an Estoma Spray or a Magic Reed will only last until the next
 MIN Solar Noise. To get the most out of these items, use them while Solar
 Noise is at MIN and it will last until the next MIN Solar Noise.

-Make sure that you save before attempting a Field Hunt, and if you mess up
 during the Mitama battle, (you get a Stomachache, or a Mitama runs away)
 reload and try again.

-Remember that there is a Rejuvenating Light in the Underground City that will
 completely heal your party for free. If you need healing it’s often better in
 the long run to leave the dungeon you are in and heal yourself at the
 Underground City instead. 

-It’s a good idea to use one of your inactive characters as a mobile Life
 Terminal, have them set a Dia- spell and any ailment-curing skills as
 they know. After battle if anyone is injured or suffering from an ailment
 have the inactive character heal them.

-Did you know that the cover of the DDS 2 game box is reversible? Well, it is.


|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Walkthrough [#007]||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

 For the most part this walkthrough will not hold your hand through the
 dungeons, as I will assume that you have explored each area thoroughly and
 therefore I will only point out the important spots. I have included a
 listing of the Items you can find in each area. The Items in parenthesis
 indicate items that are found in the Yellow chests.

SPOILER NOTE: Although this walkthrough is more or less spoiler-free, it is 
              NOT totally free of spoilers. So if you are trying to avoid
              spoilers, don’t read ahead of the spot you need help in.
              You have been warned.

======================|Welcome to the Real World [#007.1]|=====================

________________________________Occupied Sector________________________________

 Items: Chakra Drop x 3
        Revival Bead x 2
        Panacea x 3
        Ration x 3
        Ration x 2
        Chakra Drop x 2
        (Shot Shell)
        Medical Kit
        Ice Blast x 2
        Revival Bead x 2
        Medical Kit
        Soma Drop
        Revival Gem
        Sonic Stone x 2

 At the start of the game exit the apartment and then climb down the ladder.
 As you are walking Fred will take the time to point out the nearby Large
 Karma Terminal. Unfortunately you won’t be able to purchase any Mantra yet,
 nor do have any money to buy it with anyway, (Your Macca is no good here) so
 just save your game if you wish and continue on. Pretty soon you end up in
 the first battle of the game, against a pair of Andras. Have Serph use Bufu
 while the other two attack and they should go down quickly. Don’t bother
 trying to go back to get healing from the Large Karma Terminal, as you still
 don’t have any money to pay for it and there is a place where you can heal
 yourself for free coming up anyway.

 Continue on and you will soon be attacked by two Zhen, Not only are they weak
 to Ice, but they have so little HP that they will go down with a single Bufu.
 Gale will master the Dragon Mantra he had equipped after the battle, so be
 sure to set Zan immediately. Examine the Rejuvenating Light along the north
 wall to heal your party and leave the room. When you do you will be attacked
 by a Bugaboo and a Kelpie. Both enemies are weak to Force, so have Gale use
 Zan on them to take them both out quickly. The Bugaboo likes casting
 Mabufu/Bufu, so you might want to have Serph set up a Void Ice shield, but it
 isn’t necessary. After they are dead continue on to the north. In the next
 area you will see a treasure chest at the end of an alley, but when you
 approach the chest you will be attacked by a Bugaboo and a Hua Po. The Hua Po
 is weak to Ice and is so weak that she will probably fall to a single Bufu
 from Serph. After the Hua Po is dead take out the Bugaboo, grab the treasure,
 and continue on.

 Save you game at the Small Karma Terminal and continue on. You will run into
 a lone Karma Soldier that apparently decides he doesn’t need to transform to
 kill you and attacks. Hit him a few times and he will transform into a
 Pabilsag. Watch out because not only do his attacks hurt, but he can also
 poison you. Keep your HP up or you could be in trouble. He is weak to Earth,
 so if Argilla has managed to learn Tera by this time this battle will be a
 little easier. In the next area you will see a Karma Soldier running up
 ahead. Follow him and talk to the wounded woman in the next room and you will
 be attacked by two Bugaboos. Have Serph cast Void Ice while the other two
 attack and use Zan.

 Continue on to the north and you will come to a room with a Rejuvenating
 Light. You can climb up the stairs here up to the surface if you want, but
 there isn’t anything to do up there. (Make a note of the area, though, as one
 of the optional bosses can be found up there later in the game.) In the next
 area you hear a Karma Soldier threatening you, continue to the north and you
 will see an Ikusa holding a captive. Enter the room and the Ikusa will
 attack. He’s weak to Force, so have Gale use Zan and he should go down
 quickly. After the Ikusa is dead exit through the northern door and continue
 on. By now Argilla should have mastered the Earth Spirit Mantra, when she
 does have her set Tera.

 In the next area take the east fork to find a Rejuvenating Light. Go back and
 take the west fork and you will be attacked by an Andras and a Bugaboo. You
 should be well-versed in fighting these guys by now, but when you beat them a
 Tarrasque will show up as reinforcements. About the only thing that will
 really hurt this guy is Earth, which he is weak to. Have Argilla hit him with
 Tera and you should be able kill him before he slaughters you with Mad
 Rushes. Continue on and you will eventually reach a ladder. Climb up the
 ladder and save your game at the Small Karma Terminal here, as you are about
 to run into the first boss of the game.

   Yaksa Vetala

 -Null: Earth/Expel/Death/Ailments, Weak: Force
 -Recommended Level: 7
 -Minion: Andras x 2

 Make sure that Argilla has Void Earth set for this fight. Vetala is weak to
 Force, but his Andras flunkies do a good job of keeping up a Void Force
 shield, so the first thing you should do is get rid of them. Andras are weak
 to Earth, so have Argilla use Tera on them to make them die quicker. After
 they are gone Vetala isn’t all that threatening by himself. The only thing
 you have to watch out for is when he uses his turn to cast Magic Charge. When
 he does this have Argilla use Void Earth, because on the next turn Vetala
 unleashes “the fury of his body” in the form of Terra Burst. This attack is
 painful, but a Void Earth shield will cancel it out. As long as you
 neutralize his Terra Burst he should go down easily.


 After Vetala is defeated and the post-battle cut scenes head north and enter
 the Underground City.

________________________________Underground City_______________________________

 Use the Rejuvenating Light and the Small Karma Terminal here then cross over
 the bridge to the east and enter the building there and talk to Roland. After
 a lengthy cut scene you will be given the Hacking Disk, along with two
 Medical Kits and a Frigid Shot. The Hacking Disk will finally allow you to
 purchase Mantras. Unfortunately, you are still flat broke. To rectify this
 situation enter the newly reopened Mad Mart next to the Small Karma Terminal
 and you will automatically pawn your Tag Ring for $10,000.

------------------------------Digital Devil Saga 1-----------------------------

 If you imported from DDS1 you might be able to get a little bit more from
 this transaction. If you had 10,000 to 999,999 Macca when you imported she
 will give you $12,000 for the Tag Ring, and if you had one million or more
 Macca then you will get $20,000. It’s not much, but every little bit helps.


 Now that you have some money burning a hole in your pocket why don’t you
 spend some of it learning some new Mantra. When you are done here go back
 across the bridge and enter the building. Talk to the guy standing in front
 the elevator and he will let you ride said elevator down to the Underwater

======================|Soylent Green is PEOPLE! [#007.2]|======================

 Pe-e-e-e-ople-e-e-e! *is shot* 

________________________________Underwater Cable_______________________________

 Items: Dis-Poison x 3
        Dis-Curse x 3
        Revival Bead x 2
        Dis-Stun x 2
        Ration x 3
        Fire Wall x 3
        Quick Data
        (Charge Shot)
        (Vital Ring)
        Land Mine x 2
        (Luck Ring)
        Revival Gem
        HP Data
        Great Chakra

 There are no enemies in the first part of this dungeon. Take advantage of
 this and search around thoroughly for goodies. Make your way through the
 tunnels and climb up the ladder. Activate the switch here to open the gate
 and continue on. You will soon run into a pair of Ghouls. At the start of the
 battle the Ghoul on the right will announce that he is wearing a ring that
 raises his Strength, and he’s right: the one on the right does hit a little
 harder than the one on the left. They are both weak to Ice, however, so just
 have Serph Bufu them into oblivion. After the battle you will get the Power
 Ring, your first Karma Ring.

------------------------------Digital Devil Saga 1-----------------------------

 If you managed to beat King Frost in DDS 1, however, The Ghoul will announce
 that he is wearing the Hee-Ho Ring instead. This will make him immune to Ice.
 It doesn’t really make this fight any more challenging; you just have to
 remember to refrain from using Bufu on the Ghoul on the right. After the
 battle is over you will get the Hee-Ho Ring along with the Power Ring.


-Note: If you are on your second playthrough you will also get a Berserker
       Ring here.

 After the battle retrace your steps and talk to the Repairman that is
 standing back at where you activated the switch. (Gale won’t let you proceed
 until you do) After you do this return to the room where you fought the
 Ghouls and you will be able to climb the ladder down and continue on.

 In this area there are two ladders up. Climb up the southern ladder first and
 activate the switch there. Go back and climb up the northern ladder and
 active the switch here to open the door. Continue on past the Small Karma
 Terminal until you reach an area with two ladders. The northern ladder will
 just lead to some treasure; the southern ladder is the one you need to take
 to proceed. 

 Past the Small Karma Terminal you will be attacked by a Mizuchi and a
 Pabilsag. Use Force on the Mizuchi and Earth on the Pabilsag. After the
 battle you will realize the wires connecting the switch have been severed,
 rendering the switch useless. The switch needs to be repaired before you can
 continue on. Don’t bother with the Northern ladder as it will lead to a dead
 end, but do take advantage of the Life Terminal here. Retrace your steps
 until you find the Repairman’s Brother being menaced by three Karma Soldiers.
 A battle will break out between a Kaiwan and two Shadows. Use Force on the
 Shadows and Fire on the Kaiwan. With the Repairman’s Brother in tow return to
 the damaged switch and he will repair the wires. Activate the newly repaired
 switch to open the south door and close the north switch. 

 Go down the southern ladder and go forward until you reach another locked
 door. Activate the two switches here and they will open... the door on the
 other end of the room. Retrace your steps back to the previous switch and
 activate it to reopen the north door. Climb down the ladder and follow the
 path to the end and you will see that the door you just opened will allow you
 activate a switch that will open the door you need to continue on. Make your
 way back to the door you just opened, save your game, climb the ladder, and
 fight a boss.

   Yaksa Hecatoncheires (...just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?)

 -Null: Expel/Death/Ailments, Weak: Earth
 -Recommended Level: 12

 Hopefully Argilla has Media by now, and it wouldn’t hurt to have Serph and/or
 Gale learn and set Tera too. Hecatoncheires will use nothing but Physical
 attacks against you. Fortunately, almost all of his attacks are rather
 feeble, doing at most 20-25 HP worth of damage. His only attack that you
 really have to worry about is an attack called Hundred Fist; it hits all your
 characters and gets more powerful every time he uses it. (The first time he
 uses it does 20 damage, the second time it does 40, then 60, then 80. It
 might go even higher than this, but I never found out because I was dead by
 this time.)

 The key to this battle is to finish him off quickly, before his Hundred Fist
 grows too powerful. Hecatoncheires does counter physical attacks, so stick
 with elemental magic. He is weak to earth so pound him with Earth spells if
 you have them and you should be able come out on top here.


 After the battle you get a Yellow Crystal along with the ability to attach
 gems to your Karma Rings. Go south through the door for some cut scenes and
 both Cielo and Roland will join the party. After that is done climb up the
 stairs to reach the Internment Facility.

______________________________Internment Facility______________________________

 -Items: Dis-Mute x 3
         Revival Bead x 2
         (Phantom Ring)
         Blue Diamond
         Dis-Stun x 3
         Medical Kit
         (Battle: Orobas x 2)
         Blue Diamond
         (Trick Ring)
         Revival Gem

 Enter the Facility and use the Small Karma and Life Terminals here and sell
 off any plants you have at the nearby Mad Mart Express, and then make you way
 north. You will get into a battle with two Nues, if Roland is not in your
 active party at this time he will force himself into your party, replacing
 whoever was in your third slot. The Nues are weak to Fire, so have Roland use
 Agi on them. After they are dead make you way through the maze and continue
 on to the north, past a Field Hunt until you reach a Large Karma Terminal.
 Take the nearby stairs down to B1F.

 On B1F you are immediately confronted by Kumbhanda. This really isn’t a
 proper fight, because he uses Black Bind in the first turn to capture the
 entire party. You will be thrown into a cell, but a member of Lokapala will
 come and let you out. To get down to the next level you will need to talk to
 the prisoner in Cell number 1E-05, he will ask you a question, answer
 “Unbearable solar noise” and he will give you a key card that will open the
 door that leads to the next level. Complicating matters is the fact that
 Kumbhanda is still roaming around the level, and if he catches you he will
 throw you back into prison. Try to draw him to the other end of the level
 before talking to the prisoner. He walks around slowly, but if he gets a
 clear path to you he will start running, making it more difficult to avoid
 him and get to where you need to go.

 On B2F Kumbhanda will follow you down here. Some of the paths on this level
 are blocked off by fences, so make sure that you keep an eye on the map so
 you don’t inadvertently run into a dead end and corner yourself. Go to cell
 number 2W-01, the prisoner will ask another question, answer “canned
 surprise” and he will give you a Label and the key to the next level.
 Kumbhanda will now change tactics, he’ll set several traps throughout the
 level and guard the stairs down. If you run into a trap you will be paralyzed
 for a couple of seconds but are not otherwise harmful. To get to the next
 level you will have to get close enough for him to start chasing you, then
 circle around and make a break for the now unguarded stairs. If you get
 caught in a trap don’t panic, it should wear off before Kumbhanda can catch
 up with you, just keep going and you should make it.

 On B3F you will still have to deal with those paralyzing traps. Make your way
 to cell 3S-03, you won’t have to answer anything this time and you will get a
 Demon Corpse along with the key to the next level. Kumbhanda has now returned
 to guarding the stairs down. Draw him away to one of the far corners, then
 make a break for the door and hope you have enough of head start to make it.
 It may take a few tries but you’ll get it eventually.

 Thanks to Arcane Ether who sent in this awesome ASCII map and strategy for
 getting around Kumbhanda:

                    ^ to B2
                    |     |
  __________________|     |____________________
 |                                             |
 |                 >  >  >  >  >  >  4  >  >   |
 |               ^                           V |
 |   |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|   |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|   |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|   |
 |   |         | ^ |         |   |         | V |
 |   |         |   |         |   |         |   |
 |   |         | ^ |         |   |         | 3 |
 |   |         |   |         |   |         |   |
 |   |_________| ^ |_________|   |_________| V |
 |                 *                           |
 |               ^ *             <  <  <  <  V |
 |                 *           V               |
 |***|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| ^ |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|   |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|   |
 |   |         |   |         | V |         |   |
 |   |         | ^ |         |   |         |   |
 |   |         |   |         | V |         |   |
 |   |         | ^ |         |   |         |   |
 |   |_________|   |_________| V |_________|***|
 |               ^                             |
 |                <  <  <  <  <  <  <  <  <  2 |
 |                             >  >  >  >  >   |
 |   |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|   |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|***|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| V |
 |   |         |   |         |   |         |   |
 |   |         |   |         |   |         | V |
 |   |         |   |         |   |         |   |
 |   |         |   |         |   |         | V |
 |   |_________|   |_________|   |_________|   |
 |                 *                         V |
 |                 *   1 <  <  <  <  <  <  <   |
 |                 *   V                       |
  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                    |     |
                    V to B4

 The Jailer starts Point 1, marked on the ASCII map, however, he will not
 move until you step foot on Point 2. The split second you enter the 
 intersection of Point 2, he’ll start running after you. The trick is to 
 get as close as you can to Point 2 without actually trigger his approach.
 Wait for the traps to fade, then just briefly step onto Point 2 and turn
 tail running along the pathway marked on the map.

 When you reach Point 3, stop running for just a second and let the Jailer
 catch up to Point 4. If you don’t let him run to Point 4, he’ll go down on
 the map to Point 5 and catch you at the intersection just below Point 3.
 By letting him catch up, you can get ahead of him and continue safely 
 along the marked path all the way to the door.

 As you’re running along the pathway, if you should get caught in a trap, 
 simply hold the direction pad until the trap frees you. There really is 
 no way to judge the timing on these traps, so just follow the pathway
 carefully, and make sure you don’t take a wrong turn anywhere. The split
 second you reach the door at the end of the path, jam the X button to use
 the Keycard before the Jailer grabs you.

  (**ASCII Map, courtesy of Arcane Ether**)

 When you reach B4F you won’t have to avoid Kumbhanda anymore. (yay!) Enter
 the Command Center and grab the Control Room Key. When you leave the Command
 Center you will be attacked by two Orobas and a Nekomata. Use Ice on the
 Orobas and Elec on the Nekomata. Use the Large Karma Terminal to teleport
 back to 1F and use the Control Room Key to unlock the door there to enter the
 Control Room. Switch on the power there, and then put the Demon Corpse into
 the machine outside the Large Karma Terminal. Follow the conveyer belt with
 the Demon Corpse on it to the other end of the machine and pick up the Canned
 Meat at the end. Head back down to B4F and place the Canned Meat in the
 Command Center. As you leave the Command Center you can finally get some
 revenge on Kumbhanda for chasing you all over the damn Internment Facility.

   Yaksa Kumbhanda

 -Null: Force/Expel/Death/Ailments Weak: Elec
 -Recommended Level: 16

 Have everyone set Zio (Along with Elec Boost, if they have it) for this
 battle. Be sure that that someone sets Void Force too, because he uses both
 Zanma and Mazanma regularly. He can still use Black Bind, but it is nowhere
 near as effective as it was before. He can also use an attack called Gorge,
 Which will drain about 50 HP and give them to Kumbhanda. Overall this is a
 pretty easy battle; just pound him with Zio, set up a Void Force Shield, and
 Heal as you need it.


 After the battle there are more cut scenes. After they are through, exit
 through the gate to get to the map.

======================|Desperately Seeking Sera [#007.3]|======================

 You can enter the Urban Area or Sala Park if you want, but there’s nothing
 going on in either place. Instead go back to the Underground City and talk to
 the girl standing near the Small Karma Terminal. Choose the second, and then
 the first answers and she will give you a Medical Gear.

 Go to the Administrative District, but before you go inside the Tower talk to
 the guy near the entrance. He will ask you for suggestions on the name of his
 newborn son. Depending on the name you choose he will give you a different

 Serph - Pink Sapphire
  Heat - Tiger’s Eye
  Gale - Pink Crystal
 Cielo - Blood Ruby

 Enter the Tower when you are ready.

______________________________Karma Society Tower______________________________

 -Items: Shock Bomb x 2
         Dis-Mute x 3
         Dark Veil x 2
         Frost Bomb x 2
         Earth Wall x 2
         Fire Bomb x 2
         Medical Tool
         (Demon Ring)
         Yellow Crystal
         Power Data
         (Tranq Shot)
         Dis-Sun x 3
         Medical Tool x 2
         (Battle: Archangel x 2)
         Soma Drop
         Brave Ration
         (Rage Ring)
         Magic Data
         Cat’s Eye
         Dis-Curse x 3

 When you first enter the Tower there won’t be any fights until you reach 10F.
 On 10F you will be attacked by two Karma Soldiers, you have the opportunity
 to attack them while they are still talking and you will get to go first in
 the battle, but if you don’t take advantage of this then the Karma Soldiers
 will go first. After they are dead continue on. You will eventually be
 attacked by a pair of Eligor. Use Elec on them.

------------------------------Digital Devil Saga 1-----------------------------

 If you defeated Metatron in DDS 1 they will tell you that they have the
 Divine Ring, which allows them to repel Expel attacks. (Wouldn’t it be wiser
 to not announce that you repel Expel and let the enemy find that out on their
 own?) You will get this ring after the battle.


 After the battle you can try pump one of the wounded Karma Soldiers for
 information, but a pair of Atavaka will show up and put an end to your
 interrogation. They can use Counterstrike, so use Earth instead to get rid of
 them quickly.

 Climb up the stairs to 11F. There is a Field Hunt here near the Small Karma
 Terminal. A little bit later you will see what looks like the entrance to a
 Large Karma Terminal, but when you go through it you will be attacked by four
 Titans. (two will start the battle and then the other two will show up as
 reinforcements) This can be a rough battle, as they hit hard and can
 counterattack. Keep your HP up and use your best non-Earth (they nullify it)
 spells to avoid being counterattacked. After they are dead continue on and
 you will find a Mad Mart Express and the elevator up to 20F.

 Save your game at the Small Karma Terminal and then go through the door for a
 boss fight.

   Human Tribhvana: Air, Human Tribhvana: Earth, Human Tribhvana: Heaven
 -(all)Null: Expel/Death/Ailments, Weak: Gun
 -Recommended Level: 21

 This can be a rough battle unless you have the proper skills set. Have
 everyone set Agi(lao), Zan(ma), and Tera(zi) for this fight. It is also a
 good idea to be able to use a Dekaja combo here. (-Kunda skill + -Kunda

 At the start of the battle just pick a Tribhvana and attack them with normal
 attacks, soon enough they will transform into...

   Yaksa Cu Sith, Yaksa Ubelluris, Yaksa Ganga

 -(Cu Sith) Null: Ice/Force/Expel/Death/Ailments, Weak: Fire
 -(Ubelluris) Null: Phys/Earth/Expel/Death/Ailments, Weak: Force
 -(Ganga) Null: Fire/Expel/Death/Ailments, Weak: Earth

 Now that they’ve transformed the battle starts for real. Cu Sith will mostly
 set up Void (Element) Shields, but will also occasionally slip in a Tarukaja
 or Makakaja. Ubelluris will attack you physically, but it’s Ganga that you
 want to watch out for. She will pound you –Dyne level elemental spells which
 hurt, a lot. (especially if she hits one of your character’s weak points)

 Obviously your first target should Ganga. Hit her with Earth spells and keep
 your HP up as best you can. After she is down this battle becomes a whole lot
 easier. Concentrate on Cu Sith next, If he uses a –Kaja skill immediately
 counter it with Dekaja and pound him with Fire Spells and he should go down
 quickly. With Ubelluris alone he shouldn’t cause you very many problems; just
 remember that he is immune to physical, so use Force spells on him instead. 


 After they are defeated press on and take the elevator up to 31F. There you
 will find a welcome Large Karma Terminal. Heal up and continue on up the
 stairs to 32F. The first elevator you come to just leads to some treasure,
 grab it and continue on. Save your game at the Small Karma Terminal, as you
 are about to run into the Tribhvana again and they want a rematch.

   Yaksa Cu Sith, Yaksa Ubelluris, Yaksa Ganga (Round 2)

 -(Cu Sith) Null: Ice/Force/Expel/Death/Ailments, Weak: Fire
 -(Ubelluris) Null: Phys/Earth/Expel/Death/Ailments, Weak: Force
 -(Ganga) Null: Fire/Expel/Death/Ailments, Weak: Earth
 -Recommended Level: 25

 just use the same skill setup as you did the last time you faced them and you
 should be okay.

 For the most part they fight just like they did during your first battle with
 them. This time they start out already transformed, and Ganga is VERY good at
 hitting your characters weaknesses this time around. They’ve also acquired a
 really nasty combo attack called Bolt Rain, an Elec attack that hits
 everyone. (...and if Gale is in your party and he gets hit with this it’s
 pretty much game over for you.) To counter this keep up a Void Elec shield at
 all times.

 Again, you want to concentrate on Ganga first. Hit her with your best Earth
 spells while keeping your HP up. When she is down the battle is a whole lot
 easier, as not only have you taken out their biggest damage dealer, but they
 can no longer use Bolt Rain anymore either. Now it’s just a matter of
 finishing off Cu Sith and Ubelluris; just do what you did last time and you
 should come out on top.


 Take the elevator up to 44F. Enter the Medical Room and a long cut scene will
 start. During this cut scene there is a dialog choice, answer “We’d never
 join you” and you will be able to learn a special skill later in the game.
 Anyway, after the cut scenes are over you are thrown into a boss battle.

   Human Karma Soldier x 4

 -Null: Expel/Death/Ailments, Weak: Gun
 -Recommended Level: 27

 Feh, you shouldn’t even break a sweat with these guys. When you beat them you
 know who shows up as reinforcements...

   Asura Agni

 -Null: Fire/Expel/Death/Ailments, Weak: Ice
 -Minion: Gdon x 2

 Make sure that you have Void Fire set for this fight, because Serph can
 expect to have a steady stream of Agidynes thrown at him over the course of
 this fight. Also be sure to have Bufu(la) + Ice Boost set, as every one of
 your enemies has a weakness to it, and every one of them can counter physical
 attacks too.

 The Gdon will cast Ice Drain, so you will likely have to either use physical
 attacks and risk being counter-attacked, or use a different elemental spell.
 (It should be obvious just by looking at them, but don’t use Fire against
 them.) Get rid of the Gdon first and things will be a whole lot easier. Agni
 alone shouldn’t give you too many problems, he does hit rather hard, but he
 will waste quite a few turns casting Agidyne, so as long as you keep up a
 Void Fire shield he shouldn’t give you many problems. Pound him with Ice and
 after taking off enough of his HP he will run off, ending the battle.


 You will come up to a Life Terminal shortly, but don’t use it unless you are
 half-dead, as you are almost done here. Climb up the Stairs to 45F, and then
 take the elevator up to 55F. When you arrive you find an unexpected sight
 awaiting you. In the next room you will have to face a Rakshasa and a Berith,
 use Earth on the Rakshasa and Force on the Berith. This turns out to be the
 last true fight of this dungeon, as although you will be attacked the Karma
 Soldiers you encounter will just talk to you briefly before escaping. (Why
 did they bother attacking you then?) Continue on and at the end there will be
 more scenes and you will automatically end up in the Laboratory Dome, your
 next destination.

 Before you go inside the EGG Installation, however, leave the Laboratory Dome
 and go back to the Underground City and talk to the Pyro Frost that is now
 outside the Mad Mart and he will say that he’s found a strange stone and is
 willing to sell it to you... for $50,000! The stone he’s selling is called an
 Impel Stone, and it will add four flashing turn icons when used in battle.
 (Basically it’s just like casting Psycho Rage.) You can only have one Impel
 Stone at a time, (If you try to buy another Impel Stone when you already have
 one he will tell you that he doesn’t have any) but after you use it you can
 go back to the Pyro Frost to buy a replacement Impel Stone at any time. It’s
 handy to have if you get into trouble and need a few extra turns for healing
 or for squeezing in that final attack. It’s probably a bit outside your price
 range right now, but I would highly recommend coming back later when you have
 the money and buying it.

 There is also a girl nearby who will let you play with a game she found. The
 game turns out to be a nifty little vertical shooter game starring everyone’s
 favorite Pseudo-Jamaican, Cielo. Unfortunately I suck at this game, so I’m
 not sure if there’s any prize for winning or not.

------------------------------Digital Devil Saga 1-----------------------------

 If you agreed to deliver a message for the Ex-Solids that was standing
 outside the Karma Temple you will now be able find Amelia in Sala Park. Talk
 to her and deliver the message and she will give you a Lotus Flower as
 thanks. You can either hang on to it for a Soma later in the game, or you
 could be a callous, insensitive jerk and sell it for money. Your choice.

-Note: Apparently you can sell the Lotus Flower and still get the Soma later.
       It still makes you a jerk, though.


 After you are done head back to the Laboratory Dome and enter the EGG

________________________________EGG Installation_______________________________

 -Items: Hero Ration
         Dis-Ache x 2
         Vital Data
         Dis-Poison x 3
         Medical Tool x 2
         Attack Mirror x 2
         (Curse Shot)
         Quick Data x 2
         Tiger’s Eye
         Muscle Drink
         Chakra Pot x 2
         (Speedy Ring)
         Scarlet Pearl
         Impact Bomb x 2
         (Change Ring)
         (Battle: Taown x 3)
         Medical Kit
         Great Chakra

 There’s nothing to do on 1F except stop by the Mad Mart Express and take the
 elevator down to B5. When you step out of the Elevator you are immediately
 attacked by three Gdon, use Ice on them.

-Note: While you are inside the EGG Installation, get in the habit of
       searching every dead body you come across, as most of the treasure in
       this dungeon is found on them and not in treasure chests.

 Save your game at the Large Karma Terminal and take the stairs down to B6.
 There is a locked Security Door in your path, so take a look around. In one
 of the rooms you will find a pair of Sati menacing a Researcher. They will
 attack you, use Ice on them.

------------------------------Digital Devil Saga 1-----------------------------

 If you defeated Beelzebub’s Fly form in DDS 1 then one of the Sati will have
 the Skull Ring that repels Death. You will get the Skull Ring after the


 After the battle the Researcher will run off. Leave the room and you will see
 the Researcher unlock the Security Door before running ahead. Cool. Take the
 Elevator down to B10.

 You will find another two Security Doors here. Inside one of the rooms you
 will find the Researcher and he will give Security Card 01 to you when you
 talk to him. Use the Security Card 01 to unlock the Level One Security Door.
 Go past another Level Two Security Door and take the stairs down to B11.

 Go inside the Demon Lab and talk to the Researchers there. Ask one of them
 for the security card and they will give Security Card 02 to you. Go back to
 the EGG Installation B Small Karma Terminal and unlock the nearby Level Two
 Security Door. (The other Level Two Security Door on this level just leads to
 some treasure.)

 Take the stairs down to B11. Soon you will come across a Wounded Karma
 Soldier. He will tell you that the next Security Card has been stolen. Take a
 look around and you will find a pair of Baphomet hiding out in one of the
 rooms. Put up a Void Death shield throughout the battle and kill them with
 physical attacks. You will get Security Card 03 after the battle. When you
 try to use it, however you will find out that you will need a password before
 you can open the door. So now what? Go back the wounded Karma Soldier who
 told you about the Security Card and he will tell you that the password
 should be written on the Security Card itself. (...doesn’t sound like a very
 effective security measure to me, but what do I know?) Go into the Item menu
 and look at the description of Security Card 03. It will say that it is
 labeled “11771409,” which just so happens to be the password for the Level
 Three Security Door.

 Go down the stairs to B12. There really isn’t much happening on this level.
 There is an elevator here that leads to a Field Hunt on B7. You can find
 Security Card 04 on the body of a dead Researcher here. The password for this
 door is “40051918,” Input the password and climb down to B13.

 You’re going to have to find another Security Card for this level. You will
 need to fight two Scathach and a Pazuzu for Security Card 05. Use Elec on the
 Pazuzu and any non-earth Elemental spells on the Scathach. Look at the
 Security Card in the Item Menu and you will that the password for this
 Security Door is... “ABYSS?” Okay... Well, let’s head to the Security Door
 and see what we can find out. There is a dead Researcher near the Security
 Door and you will find a note on his body that will tell you how to decode
 the password for the Security Door. (Okay, seriously, whoever designed the
 security for this place should be punched. In the face.) Anyway, when you
 decode the password you get “12251919,” so input the password and continue
 on. Save your game at the Small Karma Terminal and get ready, as there is a
 Boss battle coming up.

   Yaksa Abaddon

 -Variable Resistances (See below)
 -Recommended Level: 30

 Ugh... This guy is UGLY!

 I hope somebody in your party knows Mediarama by now, because plain old Media
 simply won’t cut it in this battle. Cielo will also force his way into the
 party for this battle so I hope you’ve been keeping up with him or you could
 be in for a rough time. As long as he has Zionga with Elec Boost set and have
 his levels are in the low to mid-twenties he should do alright. Oddly enough,
 although he does not have a weakness to it, he takes a lot of damage from
 Elec spells. One last Note about skills, -Kaja and –Kunda skills are your
 friends here. (Rakukaja is very good to have here if you can manage it, but
 Tarunda/Makanda can work too)

 This guy is a bit different than the previous bosses you’ve fought, he has 3
 different phases, and each phase has different attacks and even resistances.

 He starts out with a weakness to Force, and he nullifies Physical and Earth.
 He mainly uses powerful physical attacks like Body Rush and Power Wave. After
 a few turns he will use Bellow, which signifies that he has switched to his
 next phase.

 His second phase is weak to Earth, and he nullifies fire. This is the form
 that is likely give you the most problems, as he loves using -Dyne level
 elemental magic against you. You can try to reduce the damage with Makanda
 and/or Tarukaja or protect yourself with a shield skill, but unfortunately
 there is not much you can do if he decides to shoot off six straight
 Maragidynes here. After a few turns he will Bellow and go into his next

 The third form is Weak to fire and Nullifies Ice and Force. This phase is
 almost restful, as the only real threatening attack he has is Zandyne and he
 only uses it rarely. (It still hurts though, especially if he nails Argilla
 with it.) He mainly uses the various –Kaja and –Kunda skills, as long as you
 can use Dekaja and Dekunda he shouldn’t cause too many problems. After a few
 turns he will Bellow and go back to his first phase.

 So, to summarize:

 -1st Phase:
  -Null: Phys/Earth/Expel/Death/Ailments, Weak: Force

   Uses Physical attacks.

 -2nd Phase:
  -Null: Fire/Expel/Death/Ailments, Weak: Earth

   Uses Elemental Magic

 -3rd Phase:
  -Null: Ice/Force/Expel/Death/Ailments, Weak: Fire

   Uses –Kaja and –Kunda skills.

 All three forms do have some common attacks. His worst skill is Gate to
 Abyss, where he will actually swallow one of your characters whole,
 effectively taking them out of the battle. When he does this have your
 uneaten characters hit Abaddon as hard as you can to get him to Regurgitate
 the eaten character. He can also use Noxious Cloud, which has a chance
 poisoning your characters.

 The way I usually fight this battle is have Serph and Argilla set Zanma and
 Terazi with Force and Earth Boost and have Cielo set Zionga with Elec Boost.
 When the battle start I go for an all-out attack, pounding him with Zanma and
 Zionga, only letting up the attack if someone is desperately in need of
 healing. Doing this way I was able to get him down in the red zone by the
 time he first uses Bellow and then continuing the pounding with
 Terazi/Zionga, and he was dead in one or two more turns.


 After Abaddon is defeated you will get the Master Key. Continue on and take
 the elevator down to B30. Use the Master Key to open the door at the end of
 the long hallway and... whoa...

------------------------------Digital Devil Saga 1-----------------------------

 Here is the first of the two dialog choices that determines whether you will
 have Roland or Heat in the final dungeon. Answer “We’re Comrades” for Heat or
 “I won’t let you... have Sera” for Roland.


=============================|Power Down [#007.4]|=============================

 Well... things sure have gone to pot, haven’t they? Serph is out of the
 party, but there’s no time for tears as you are going to have to press on and
 go to the Power Plant without him. For this section of the game you will be
 controlling Gale.

 But first, go back to the Underground City and enter the Underwater Cable
 again. In the first area talk to a Lokapala member and he will give you a
 Calamity Ring.

__________________________________Power Plant__________________________________

 -Items: Pink Crystal
         Magic Mirror x 2
         Revival Gem
         (Mute Shot)
         Red Diamond
         (Battle: Alilat)
         Dekaja Rock x 2
         Chakra Pot
         MP Data x 2
         Medical Tool x 2
         Power Data

 Go to the Power Plant Dome and enter the Power Plant proper. Roland will ask
 you if you are ready to storm the Plant.

-Note: Once you enter the Power Plant you won’t be able to leave until you
       complete it. Also, once you have completed the Power Plant you will not
       be able to return here. In other words, Make the most of your time

 There is a Mad Mart Express in the first hallway, along with a Small Karma
 Terminal in a side room to the east. In the next room you will be attacked by
 two Naga, use Fire on them. The Partition is shut, but if you examine the
 Console here Roland will HaX0r it and open the Partition for you.

 There is another Partition in the next room, and the console to open this one
 is in the room off to the east. In the next room is ANOTHER Partition. Go
 down the western corridor to find the Console needed to open the partition.
 (and take advantage of the Rejuvenating Light while you are here)

 Continue North until you reach yet another Partition, for this one you need
 to active two Consoles to open it. To start take the Western Corridor and you
 will run into a Partition (*grumble*) that you will have to open before you
 can get to the console for the first Partition. Go south and take the stairs
 down and follow the corridor past a Small Karma Terminal until you reach the
 Basement. Go through the basement and you will find the console and another
 Small Karma Terminal. Retrace your steps back and go through the Partition
 you just opened, and you will run into a Security System. It will try to
 scare you off, but don’t listen to it and you will be attacked by two Laser
 Cannons. They can be a bit annoying as they can use Revert Pulse to revert
 your characters back to Human form. They are weak to Elec, so use Bolt Flare
 (or Mazionga, if you have it) to destroy them quickly. After they are
 destroyed you will find the first of the two Consoles you need to operate to
 open that Partition. 

 Go back to the center Partition and this time take the Eastern Corridor.
 There is another Partition here, but when you use the Console to open the
 partition it will close another partition further in. Go through the door
 that’s behind the first Partition down the stairs and past a Small Karma
 Terminal and a Life Terminal until you reach the Basement. There’s another
 Small Karma Terminal down here, use it if you have a pressing need to save
 your game in the 5 minutes since the last Small Karma Terminal and continue
 on and climb two flights of stairs to a Partition and the corresponding
 Console. Open the Partition and you will end up back at the start of this
 area. After Argilla’s little outburst operate the Console again to open the
 second partition and close the first. Now go back the way you just came and
 circle around all the way to that door that was behind the first partition.
 You can then go through the now-opened second partition. You will find
 another Security System waiting for you. This one brings out a pair of 20mm
 Machineguns. These guys have an attack called Sharpshot which has a very high
 chance of causing a critical, and they can inflict random ailments with Fire.
 Still, they are weak to Elec just like the Laser Cannons were and should go
 down to a sustained Bolt Storm/ Mazionga assault pretty quickly. After they
 are destroyed you will find the second console you need to open the center
 Partition you need to continue on. Just beyond the center Partition you will
 run into another Security System.

   Device 20mm Machineguns, Device Gate Core, Device Laser Cannon

 -(All) Null: Expel/Death/Ailments, Weak: Elec
 -Recommended Level: 34

 Every one of the enemies are weak to Elec in this fight, so have everybody
 Bolt Storm (or Mazionga, if you can manage it) along with Elec Boost. Be sure
 to set Void Fire too.

 Both the 20mm Machinegun and Laser Cannon are the same as the last time, just
 with more HP. They do tend to complement each other rather nicely though. Try
 to get rid of both of these guys with Bolt Storm/Mazionga as quickly as

 At the start of the battle the Gate Core will be closed. While it is closed
 it’s almost impossible to damage it, as it’s immune to physical and strong to
 everything else while closed. At the start of the battle it will start
 counting down from five. After five turns the Gate Core will open. When it is
 open it will use Flare Cannon, a rather strong Fire attack that hits all
 characters. This is also the only time you can really damage it, as it loses
 its protection and becomes weak to Elec while it is open. After it uses Flare
 Cannon it will close again and start a new countdown. When both the
 Machinegun and Cannon are destroyed the Gate Core will go into “Genocide
 Mode,” where it will do Flare Cannon every turn. Be sure to keep a Void Fire
 shield whenever the Gate Core is open and you should do fine.


 After Core Device is destroyed continue north, past a Small Karma Terminal to
 reach another Partition (The last one of these, thank goodness) and the
 Console is right there. Operate the Console and... ACK!

   Dragon Naga x 3

 -Null: Expel/Death/Ailments, Weak: Fire/Earth
 -Recommended Level: 35

 These guys are pretty much the same as the Naga you’ve been fighting through
 out the Power Plant, except that they have a bit more HP, and they can (and
 will) use Void Fire. When all three are dead Raja Naga and two more Naga will
 show up as Reinforcements.

   Yaksa Raja Naga 

-Repel: Elec, Null: Earth/Expel/Death/Ailments, Weak: Fire
-Minion: Naga x 2

 Make sure you have a good supply of Dis-Mutes for this battle. (I suppose
 having everyone set Closedi will work in a pinch, too) It’s also a good idea
 to have Elec Repel/Drain set for this fight. (especially if you have Gale in
 your party.) Other than that it’s just the generic advice of setting your
 best Fire attack along with Fire Boost, Mediarama and any –Kaja and –Kunda
 sills you have.

 Everyone here is weak to Fire, so that should be your weapon of choice.
 Unfortunately the Naga goons do a good job of keeping up a Void Fire Shield.
 You can get rid of them if you want, but Raja Naga will just summon more. I
 would recommend just ignoring the Naga and concentrate on Raja Naga, as the
 fight will end when he falls.

 These guys love to try to mute you. Raja Naga uses Mute Blow a lot and his
 flunkies also use Makajam and Makajamon. Normally this would just be an
 annoyance, but these guys have a combo attack called Conviction that not only
 hits you for pretty good damage, but will also instantly kill anyone
 suffering from Mute status. For this reason you want to immediately cure
 anyone who suffering from Mute. Raja Naga has Maziodyne and his Naga goons
 can use Mazionga, so keeping up an Anti-Elec shield is a good idea.

 As long as you can get rid the Mute status before Raja Naga can use
 Conviction and you keep up an Anti-Elec Shield at all times this should be a
 simple fight.


 After the battle Roland will leave the party and the Partition will close
 behind you, sealing you off from the first part of the Power Plant. You won’t
 be able to open the Partition from this side, so we’ll just have to press on.

 Continue on until you reach the Control Room. Once there Argilla will leave
 party and Sera will leave the ranks of NPC and join as a full blown
 card-carrying party member with all perks and privileges contained therein.
 After the cut scenes are over leave the Control Room, you will soon be
 attacked by a pair of Efreet, use Ice to get rid of them quickly, then go
 north and exit through the door to finish this dungeon.

============================|Scrambled EGG [#007.5]|===========================

 After that emotional gut-punch of a dungeon is over you end up in Sala Park.
 There’s nothing new happening around town, so just go back to the Laboratory
 Dome and re-enter the EGG Installation.

___________________________EGG Installation Revisited__________________________

 -Items: Soma Drop
         Magic Mirror
         Magni Bomb
         Blood Ruby
         (Neutron Shot)
         HP Data x 2
         Tiger’s Eye
         (Follow-Up Ring)
         (Battle: Hresvelgr)
         Medical Gear x 2
         Dekaja Rock x 2
         (Ether Ring)
         Revival Gem

 If the new music, the gibbering Researcher in the lobby, or the fact that
 your auto-map has reset haven’t clued you in, going through the EGG this time
 isn’t going to be the same as the last. The Mad Mart Express also has two new
 items for sale, Light Balls and Core Shields, both of which you will need to
 make it through the EGG this time. (...well, that’s not entirely true, you
 can get through here without them, but they will save you quite a bit of
 trouble) Make sure to buy five of each before taking the elevator down to B5.

 When you reach B5 you will find that the lights are off. This area hasn’t
 changed layout-wise since the last time you were here, but there are new
 stronger enemies waiting for you, and there are also new treasure chests that
 have popped up throughout the EGG since the last time you were here as well,
 so it is worth the time to re-explore the area thoroughly. Be sure to use a
 Light Ball here, however, as without it you can only see the immediate area
 on your automap and every battle you fight will be an ambush. (as in, you
 start the battle in Human Form) Make you way down to B6 and you will be
 attacked by a pair of Pisaca when you reach the Level 1 Security Door. Use
 Fire against them and take the elevator down to B10. 

 They’ve... redecorated since the last time you were here. Not only does this
 area have a gruesome new décor, but several Vortexes have popped up as well.
 When you get too close to these Vortexes it will warp you to a different area
 of the EGG. This area can be a bit annoying, as you are going to have to
 navigate these Vortexes in order to reach the end of this dungeon. For this
 reason this part of the walkthrough will be a bit more hand-holding than I
 usually do. Be warned that I’m only going to show you how to get through this
 area as quickly as possible, and not how get any of the new treasures that
 has popped up.

 From the elevator, go north as far as you can and then turn west to see your
 first Vortex. It will warp you to a room on B11. Leave the room and go
 straight north until you come to another Vortex. You will be warped to
 another room on B11. Leave the room and save your game at the Small Karma
 Terminal. Go south and climb the stairs up to B10. Follow the corridor west
 to the intersection, and go through the southern door and go into the Vortex
 there. You are warped to a corridor, use a Core Shield here to protect
 yourself from the arcing electricity and follow the corridor southwest until
 you reach a door. Go through that and you will come to an intersection with a
 Small Karma Terminal. Go west and then turn north and go through the door and
 enter the Vortex in the room. From there take the stairs down to B11. 

 Hang a right and follow the corridor east and enter the room at the end of
 the corridor. When you enter the room you will be attacked by two Hanuman.
 They are immune to Earth and they will High Counter physical, so stick with
 non-Earth elemental magic against them.

------------------------------Digital Devil Saga 1-----------------------------

 If you defeated Huang Long in DDS 1 one of the Hanuman has the Dragon Ring,
 which you will get at the end of battle. *gives ATLUS’ localization team a
 reproachful look*


 After the Hanuman are dead enter the Vortex to be warped to the next area. Go
 west through the door to find another Vortex. You are warped to an area with
 more arcing electricity. Use a Core Shield and follow the corridor northwest
 and go through the door to reach a Small Karma Terminal. Save your game and
 go through the door to the south and you will be attacked by a pair of
 Chimera. Use Earth to kill them and afterwards go west at the intersection
 and follow the corridor to a room with a Vortex in it. Enter the Vortex,
 leave the room you are warped to and go north through the door. At the next
 intersection go west and enter the Vortex inside the room. You are warped to
 the stairs down to B12.

 On B12 go west, then south and enter the room on the far south and enter the
 Vortex there. You are warped to an area with arcing electricity, so use a
 Core Shield and go northeast. In the next room you will find a Life Terminal,
 heal up and go west through the door. There is a Vortex in here which will
 warp you down to B13.

 On B13 go south and then turn east and go through a door. Save your game at
 the Small Karma Terminal and then go south through a Vortex. Go north and
 then east and enter the room to come to a room with a Vortex. Enter the
 Vortex and go south then west and you will come to a door. When you go
 through you are attacked by a pair of Legion, use Elec on them and after they
 are dead go into the Vortex in this room. Go west through the door, save your
 game at the Small Karma Terminal, then go through southern door to find
 another Vortex. Enter it and you will be warped to B30. From here go south
 and go through the door at the end of the corridor for a boss.

   Yaksa Vritra, Yaksa Tentacle x 2

 -Drain: Fire, Repel: Ice, Null: Earth/Expel/Death/Ailments, Weak: Elec
 -Recommended Level: 40

 Whew! This is a pretty rough battle. First off, despite what you might be
 thinking, he is NOT weak to Ice. (...and you’re in for a nasty surprise if
 you try it on him) He has a Weakness to Elec, but whenever you try to attack
 Vritra one of his tentacles will block the attack, causing damage to the
 Tentacle instead of Vritra himself.

 Have everyone set Zionga (or Ziodyne if you can manage it) along with Elec
 Boost for this fight. You also want to have an all-target attack as well. (I
 prefer Mazionga, because it will benefit from the Elec Boost, but you can
 also use a physical attack like Power Wave or Chi Blast if you prefer.) Make
 sure that you are able to use Dekunda (-Kaja + -Kaja combo) as he uses a lot
 of –Kunda skills against you. Vritra also doesn’t have Dekaja or Dekunda, so
 taking the time to apply Rakukaja and/or Makanda three times can really
 improve your chances in this battle. Have someone set both Void Fire and Ice
 Drain/Repel. If you have the Hee-Ho ring you should have someone wear it just
 in case.

 His big attack is called Gelid Torrent, which does a good amount of Ice
 damage and has an uncomfortably chance of freezing your characters, at which
 point Vritra will happily critical any and all frozen characters to death. He
 also has Agidyne, which is painful, (especially if it hits Sera) but he
 doesn’t use it often nor does he specifically target Sera with it, so it’s
 far less threatening than Gelid Torrent. For this reason you want to keep up
 an Ice Drain shield at all times.

 Your first priority in this battle is to get rid of both those Tentacles
 ASAP. To do this use your all-target skill, both Tentacles will block and
 take damage. Fortunately the tentacles don’t have a lot of HP so you should
 be able to take them out fairly quickly.

 When both Tentacles are destroyed you can finally damage Vritra himself, so
 hit him with Zionga. He also stops using Gelid Torrent when both Tentacles
 are destroyed, instead switching to an all-target attack called Inferno Roar
 (which despite the name is a Physical, not Fire attack.) Be sure to set up a
 Void Fire shield too, because he can still use Agidyne. He will Regenerate
 his Tentacles after a couple of turns, but if you’re quick you should be able
 to finish him off before he can do it. (If not you will have to destroy both
 Tentacles again before renewing your assault on Vritra)


 After you beat Vritra you get a bunch of revealing cut scenes (he... speaks!
 O_O) and afterwards you are thrown right into another boss fight.

   Yaksa Real Varna, Yaksa Fake Varna

 -(Both) Null: Expel/Death/Ailments
 -Recommended Level: Whatever

 Jeez, it’s suddenly turned into a Serphapalooza hasn’t it? Anyway, Serph
 returns and is joined by Heat for this battle. (If you haven’t imported save
 data from DDS 1, enjoy it while it lasts, because this is the only time
 you’ll get to see him in action) Serph is at the same level and has the same
 skills set as he did when he left, but it doesn’t really matter all that much
 as Heat can take care of both of these jokers single-handed.

 This battle should be really easy, just have Heat continually cast Agidyne
 because it is your most damaging attack by far, (although neither of your
 opponents is weak to Fire, oddly enough) While Serph heals when necessary.


 Well, THAT was interesting...

------------------------------Digital Devil Saga 1-----------------------------

 Coming up is the second Dialog choice that determines whether or not you will
 have Heat join in the final dungeon. Answer “I do...” if you want Heat or
 “...” if you don’t.


 You are briefly given control of Serph again. Just follow the corridor north
 then east to reach an elevator. Ride it up to B27 and enter the Main Control
 Room and that’s all I’m going to say.

=========================|Stairway to Heaven [#007.6]|=========================

 Serph’s back! Hooray! Other than that, there’s not a lot new going on, the
 vortexes that were in the EGG have disappeared, so if you missed something
 you can go back and get it without a lot of fuss. You can fight with the Four
 Angels if you want; check the side quests section for more on them. The girl
 in the Underground City that let you play the Dyaus Shooter mini game has
 vanished, so you will be unable to play it anymore.


 -Items: (Jasmine)
         Pink Crystal
         Great Chakra
         Medical Gear
         Dis Curse x 3
         Wind Wall x 2
         Revival Gem
         (Dual Ring)
         Luck Data x 2
         (Charm Shot)
         Attack Mirror
         (Battle: Flauros x 2)
         Vital Data x 2
         Soma Drop
         (Block Ring)
         Light Ball x 2
         Red Diamond

 There aren’t any enemies when you first enter here. Go east and climb the
 escalator up to the second floor. You will be attacked by two Gurr, use Elec
 to kill them and go down the other escalator. Continue to the east and you
 will soon run into Kali, who attacks.

   Yaksa Kali

 -Repel: Fire/Ice/Elec/Force/Earth, Null: Expel/Death/Ailments
 -Recommended Level: 42
 -Minion: Dakini

 Make sure you have Void Death set for this fight, as it will save you quite a
 bit of frustration during the course of the fight. Set your strongest
 Physical attack you have, along with Critical. (...and MIN/MAX Critical if
 you can manage it.) It’s also a good idea to set a strong single target
 Elemental spell in case Dakini uses Phys Repel. Be sure that can use Dekaja
 here too.

 As you can see, Kali repels all elemental magic, so Physical is the way to go
 here. Unfortunately, the Dakini accompanying Kali loves casting Phys Repel,
 she also uses Diarama, various –Kaja skills, and generally makes a nuisance
 of herself. Concentrate on Dakini, using your best physical attacks, but if
 she puts up a Repel Phys shield use Elemental magic instead. When Dakini is
 gone pound on Kali with you best Physical attacks. Kali mainly uses Chi
 Blast, but she will throw in the occasional Gate of Hell or Blood Curse. Try
 to keep up a Void Death shield, just in case. After a few turns Kali will use
 Reinforcements to summon a new Dakini. Get rid of that Dakini as quickly as
 you can before renewing your assault on Kali.


 After Kali is dead climb up the escalator and save and restore at the Large
 Karma Terminal. Go east from the Large Karma Terminal and continue on until
 you reach a set of stairs. Go down the stairs and you will soon be attacked
 by a pair of Flauros. They have High Counter, so stick with elemental magic.
 They also have Spell Gloom, so have Dekunda handy too. There is a door here
 that you can unlock in the next area that will open a shortcut back to the
 Large Karma Terminal. Climb up the stairs and save at the Small karma

 As you go through the door you will be attacked by a Flauros and a Rangda.
 You’ve faced these two before, use Elec on Rangda and your strongest
 Elemental spell on Flauros. When they are dead a Nidhoggr will show up as
 Reinforcements. He nullifies Physical, so use Elemental magic instead. (don’t
 use Ice, though, as he drains it) He can Poison you with Poison Rain, so make
 sure you have a good supply of Dis-Poisons with you. He does use both
 Tarukaja and Makakaja, so have Dekaja ready as well.

 After that is over go south. Take the first escalator down to the first
 floor, then keep on going due south until you reach a Small Karma Terminal.
 Enter the Hanger that’s just ahead and you will be attacked by Chernobog.

   Yaksa Chernobog

 -Null: Expel/Death/Ailments, Weak: Fire
 -Recommended Level: 45

 For this fight you will need a rather specialized skill setup. To start out
 have all your characters clear out all of their skill slots. Then have
 everyone place their strongest single-target Fire attack in the first slot,
 followed by Fire Boost in the second. (and Fire Amp in the third, if you have
 it) Next have one (or two) characters set Mediarama in their next skill slot,
 and have a different character put Void Death in that slot. Every character
 should still have four or five empty skill slots, fill the rest of the slots
 with your weakest elemental attacks. (Bufu, Zan, Tera and their all-targeted
 variants)  Depending on how paranoid you are you might also want to set an
 Anti-Fire shield, but it isn’t required.

 At the start of the battle he will use Calamity twice to summon two Shadows
 of your party members. These Shadows not only have the exact same resistances
 as your character but also use the same skills as your character too. When a
 Shadow attacks they will use a random attack skill. (they apparently never
 use support (i.e. Shield or Heal) skills though) So if you loaded your skill
 slots with weak elemental spells there is a high chance that they will those
 instead of anything real damaging. (feel free to set up an Anti-Fire shield
 if you want some extra security)

 After summoning two Shadows he will use Dark Slumber to hide in his sword.
 While he is hiding you will not be able to damage him. (Watch out though, he
 can still be targeted, and any attack targeting him will automatically fail,
 costing you two turn icons.) When both shadows are gone he will finally stop
 hiding, and you will be finally able to damage him. He does use Death Blow,
 Gate of Hell, and Wicked Curse so make sure you keep up a Void Death shield
 at all times. He’s weak to Fire, so pound him with Agilao/Agidyne and you’ll
 do all right. Try to be Quick, because after a few turns he will summon two
 more Shadows and Dark Slumber again.


 There is a Mad Mart Express inside the hanger, (What, was he just sitting
 there watching the Chernobog fight?) replenish your supply of Light Balls (5
 should be plenty) and continue on.

 Save your game at the Small Karma Terminal and go down the stairs. It’s dark
 down here, so use a Light Ball before doing anything. Continue on and you
 will run into a pair of Karma Soldiers that were trying to ambush you in the
 darkness, but since you had a Light Ball in effect (you did use a Light Ball,
 didn’t you?) their little ambush will fail miserably. Either way you will
 have to fight a pair of Ganesha. They aren’t too difficult, but they are
 strong against physical attacks, so use elemental spells instead. After they
 are dead continue on, you will eventually reach a staircase, but that just
 leads to an area with a Field Hunt and a door that you can unlock to open a
 shortcut back to the Large Karma Terminal. Ignore that staircase and continue
 on until you reach another staircase. Go up that staircase and be sure to
 heal at the Life Terminal and save at the Small Karma Terminal because there
 is another boss coming up.

   Yaksa Kartikeya

 -Null: Earth/Expel/Death/Ailments, Weak: Gun
 -Recommended Level: 48

 Be sure to have someone set both Elec Repel and Force Repel for this fight,
 and be sure that you can use both Dekaja and Dekunda too. There really aren’t
 any other special skills that you need here, other than your best attacks and
 of course Mediarama. He does have a weakness to guns, but it’s up to you if
 you want to have one of your characters Revert to human form to try to take
 advantage of this.

 This fight is probably more annoying than anything else. What makes him
 really annoying is a skill called Vivid Gust. What makes it so annoying is
 that while Vivid Gust is in effect he is nearly impossible to hit, as all
 attacks directed at him will have an 80% chance of failing. (and therefore
 eating two press turns) Fortunately the effect of Vivid Gust is cancelled if
 you land a hit on him. (...actually nailing him though is another story...)
 An easy way to get around this is to use a Repel shield to bounce one of his
 attacks back at him, as it will automatically hit him and nullify his Vivid

 At the start of the battle he uses both Mazionga and Mazanma along with Chi
 Blast. As he starts taking damage, however, he’ll start using Jupiter’s Fury
 and Tempest then finally Maziodyne and Mazandyne and a strong physical attack
 called Myriad Spears. He also uses Taunt, but this is actually good news for
 you because he doesn’t use Dekaja, essentially giving you two Tarukajas for
 free. (just don’t forget to Dekunda off the Rakunda effect)

 I’ve noticed that he seems to have a certain rhythm to his attacks. He will
 usually start out with Vivid Gust, then Taunt, (or rarely Tarukaja/Makakaja)
 then a Force skill followed by an Elec Skill, then a Phys attack before using
 Vivid Gust again. If you can anticipate his next move and put up the proper
 shield he becomes laughably easy. 


 When Peacock-Boy is dead go back to the Small Karma Terminal and save your
 game. Talk to Gale and he will ask if you are ready to continue.

-WARNING: Make sure that you really are ready before you tell him you are, as
          you are about to start a chain of events that will take you directly
          to the final dungeon and you will NOT be able to leave from there
          once you enter it.

 Wow... Anyway, keep moving forward until you reach another hanger, enter the
 Fighter Jet and after the greatest cutscene EVAR you will arrive at the HAARP
 Facility. Simply enter the HAARP and you will be taken directly to the final

===========================|Black Hole Sun [#007.7]|===========================

 Okay, a whole lot has just happened all at once. First off, both Serph and
 Sera are gone, and have been replaced by Seraph. Roland and Argilla have
 returned to the party. (Yay!) If you answered correctly in the Karma Tower
 Seraph will learn Reincarnate, a powerful (and expensive) Almighty attack.

------------------------------Digital Devil Saga 1-----------------------------

 And if you imported from DDS 1 even more stuff will happen. To start with,
 Gale will learn the Pyriphlegethon skill, and if you answered correctly in
 DDS 1 Argilla will learn the Seraph Lore skill. Finally if you answered all
 four dialog choices over both games correctly Heat will take over for Roland


_______________________________Surface of the Sun______________________________

 After all the cut scenes are over be sure to go and reform your party, as
 currently Seraph is the only active party member, after that talk to David’s
 Solar Data for a Purple Crystal. Step into the light to warp to the next
 island and talk to Cuvier’s Solar Data for a Hope Diamond. Keep on going
 until you reach an island with a Large Data Node (the Sun’s version of a
 Large Karma Terminal) and a Mad Mart Express, Sun Branch. Buy some Core
 Shields, (don’t bother with Light Balls) and continue on to the next Island.
 Stand in the center of the island and take the Platform down to the Second
 Layer of the Sun.

___________________________________2nd Layer___________________________________

 -Items: Quick Data x 2
         Purple Crystal
         Ice Wall x 2
         Chakra Pot

 You are attacked by a Kingu before you can even step off the platform. He
 isn’t that difficult, (as long as you remembered to reform your party and are
 fighting with more than just Seraph) but he likes to use Vanity which can be
 quite annoying. After he is dead you can find the Solar Data of the Pyro
 Frost that sells Impel Stones, so you can still purchase Impel Stones if you
 need them. You will also find the Karma Ring Creator here, normally if you
 talk to him he will just bemoan his death, however, if you managed to find
 all the Karma Rings in the game he will give you the Master Ring, which
 functions exactly like the Null Attack skill did in DDS 1.
 The Second Layer of the sun is a maze of one way doors of pitfalls that you
 have to navigate. In areas that are filled with red smoke you will take
 damage unless you have a Core Shield in effect. I should mention that the
 treasure chests on the sun are different than their earthbound equivalents.
 Normal treasure chests on the Sun are glowing flowers, while the special
 chests look similar to their cousins but with a few minor esthetic

 From the platform go through the western door, keep going straight and ride
 the elevator at the end of the hallway up to 2F. Use a Core Shield and cross
 the Damaging Area to the northwest and take the elevator up to 3F. From the
 elevator take the first right and go through the western door, and then take
 the northern elevator up to 4F. Take a slight detour and save at the Small
 Data node, then use a Core Shield if necessary (if you hurry the one you used
 back on 2F might still be in effect) and cross the Damaging Area. Go through
 the southern door and keep going until you reach the elevator up to 5F. Ride
 the Elevator up, you will soon come to a red door. Get ready, as once you go
 through it you will be thrown into a boss fight.

   Asura Hayagriva

 -Drain: Fire, Null: Expel/Death/Ailments, Weak: Ice
 -Recommended Level: 50

 Bwahahaha! This is so easy! Every one of his attacks is Fire element, so if
 you use Fire Drain every turn he won’t be able to hurt you. Use Bufudyne (be
 careful, he does use Ice Drain a lot) with Ice Amp + Ice Boost or Physical
 attacks with Critical and MIN/MAX Critical to put this demented zebra out of
 his misery once and for all.


 After Hayagriva is dead ride the platform up to the Third Layer of the Sun.

___________________________________3rd Layer___________________________________

 -Items: Revival Gem
         Magic Data x 2
         (Murder Rock)
         Magic Mirror x 2
         Hero Ration x 2

 You can talk to Real Argilla’s Solar Data here if you wish, then go north. In
 the next area there is what looks like an infinite expanse, there is an
 invisible path that you can use to cross to the other side. (Why Seraph needs
 a path is beyond me though) In the next room there is a Large Data Node, use
 it and take the Elevator up to 2F.

 Go south and you come to more invisible pathways, maneuver your way to the
 southern exit (The exit to the west just leads to the Jack Frost fight) to
 continue on. Save your game at the Small Data Node and continue on until you
 reach the elevator up to 3F.

 Ride the elevator and go north to reach another invisible pathway area. Make
 your way to the northwestern exit. There is a Small Data Node and a
 Restoration Node (same thing as a Life Terminal) here, make use of them and
 then keep on going and use the elevator up to 4F. Follow the hallway and you
 will soon come to a red door and a boss waiting behind it.

   Asura Camazotz

 -Null: Earth/Expel/Death/Ailments, Weak: Elec
 -Recommended Level: 54

 I bet you’re happy to see this guy again, huh?

 He’s somehow become weak to Elec since DDS 1, so Ziodyne with Elec Amp and
 Elec Boost is the preferred weapon here. Have everyone set Teradyne. (but
 don’t bother with Earth Amp or Boost) Make sure that someone has Force
 Repel/Drain set that as well. He can’t use Dekaja or Dekunda, so be sure to
 take advantage of this.

 Camazotz is more or less just like the final time you fought him in DDS 1. He
 can turn your characters into bats with his Zotzilaha Bane. (The goggles!
 They do nothing!) Characters that have been turned into bats will have their
 stats reduced to next to nothing and they will have a weakness to Force as
 well. This is annoying, especially since Camazotz will usually cast Psycho
 Rage and then use Zotzilaha Bane three times to turn your entire party into
 bats. Characters that have been turned into bats are next to useless, as when
 they attack they will miss most of the time and do almost no damage when they
 do hit. (...not to mention that their severely reduced HP and defense makes
 them very easy to kill) If any of your characters have been transformed into
 bats be sure to keep their HP at maximum and put up an Anti-Force Shield to
 protect them from his Winds of Hell.

 He will also go into Guard Stance occasionally. When he does this he will
 take almost no damage from everything except Earth. When he is in his Guard
 stance just hit him with Teradyne until he comes out of it.

 This shouldn’t cause too many problems if you are prepared. I just spent a
 few Turns casting Makakaja and Rakunda then steamrolled him with Ziodyne. He
 never even had a chance to use Zotzilaha Bane.


 After the fight ride the platform up to the Fourth Layer.

___________________________________4th Layer___________________________________

 -Items: Hope Diamond
         MP Data x 2
         Star Sapphire
         Olive Branch
         Damage Trap
         Battle: Kingu
         Battle: Barong x 2, Girimehkala
         Battle: Mithra, Girimehkala
         Damage Trap
         Damage Trap
         Dead End
         Battle: Pallas Athena x 2, Thor
         Power Data x 2
         (Olive Branch)
         Earth Wall x 2
         (Forged Shot)
         (Olive Branch)

 You can catch up with the HipHop brothers here if you really want to, then go
 north and use the Large Data Node. After that ride the platform to the other
 side of the pit and flower-looking thing at the end of the hall. Keep riding
 platforms until you reach 3F. Here you will have a choice of two platforms;
 the east one will take to a room that has a LOT of treasure chests in them,
 (Watch out though, several of them are traps that will reduce your current HP
 by half while several more will initiate a battle) while the west will lead
 to a battle with two Pallas Athena. These two can be quite annoying, as they
 love to inflict Charm on your party, and they use Mediarahan when they’re low
 on HP.

 When the Pallas Athena are dead ride on the platform they were on. You will
 have another choice of platforms; the west platform just leads to some
 treasure, while you need to take the south platform to continue on. Save your
 game at the Small Data Node and go through the southern door. There are two
 platforms in this room, the eastern one just leads to a treasure chest while
 the southwestern one leads to a second platform that will open a path to the
 platform up to 5F.

 Go through the Flower Door and ride the platform. You will be attacked by a
 pair of Girimehkala. They repel physical, so stick with elemental magic. Ride
 the platform up to 6F and you are given another choice of two platforms. The
 northern platform leads to more treasure, so take the western platform to
 continue on. Go through the door and ride the platform back down to 5F.

 Go through the door and ride the platform. You will be attacked by a Samael,
 Keep up a Void Death shield while using Fire or Ice against him. (he’s also
 weak to Expel, for what it’s worth...) Keep riding platforms until you reach
 8F, save your game at the Small Data Node and get ready, because there is
 another Boss fight coming up.

   Asura Rahu (Body), Asura Rahu (Head)

 -(Body) Null: Ice/Force/Expel/Death/Ailments, Weak: Fire
  (Head) Null: Elec/Fire/Expel/Death/Ailments, Weak: Force
 -Recommended Level: 58

 You want to have both Agidyne and Zandyne set for this battle, along with
 Fire and Force Amp. (Fire Boost and Force Boost are nice, but you likely
 won’t have enough space to squeeze them in on everyone.) Having Earth
 Repel/Drain on a couple of characters is a wise idea as well.

 This guy is actually two separate demons in one, each with different attacks
 and resistances. The body uses Dragon Earth, a powerful earth attack, and has
 High Counter, so stick with Agidyne and be sure to use Earth Repel/Drain
 every turn. The head will use Dragon Thrash, Which will capture one of your
 characters and drain HP from them. To get the head to release a captured
 party member you can either concentrate your attacks on the head until he
 releases your party member or kill of the body, as the head will release
 anyone he has captured when that happens. When the body is killed the head
 will stop using Dragon Trash and attack with Physical attacks and Ziodyne
 occasionally augmented by Power Charge and Magic Charge.

 You should concentrate on the Body first, hitting him with Agidyne while
 keeping up an Anti-Earth Shield. When the body is down the head shouldn’t
 give you too many problems as the only really threatening attack he has is
 Ziodyne. You should be able to take him down with Zandyne without too many


 Ride the Platform up to the Fifth Layer.

___________________________________5th Layer___________________________________

 -Items: Medical Tool x 2
         Wild Bomb x 3
         (Shield Ring)
         (Olive Branch)
         Wind Wall x 2
         HP Data x 2
         Great Chakra
         Bolt Wall x 2
         Luck Data x 2
         Chakra Pot
         Medical Gear x 2
         Magic Mirror x 2
         (Lotus Seed)

 Ugh, this is my least favorite area of the entire game.

------------------------------Digital Devil Saga 1-----------------------------

 But before we get into that, if you talked to Amelia in Sala Park you will
 find the Solar Data of the Ex-Solids that asked you to deliver the message.
 He will give you a Soma as thanks.


 Go north to find a Large Data Node and a seal. As Schrodinger explains when
 you first get here you will be stuck in human form whenever you are in battle
 when you go through the seal. This area is hell, especially if you run into a
 Girimehkala or Mithra, since they are immune to guns. I would recommend
 setting Quick Escape on a character and just run from every battle while you
 are here.

 To get through this area as quickly as possible go north through the seal,
 then go west from the first intersection and go through the door. Continue
 west then go south and then west again and go through the door you come to.
 Keep going north and then go through the northeastern door. From there go
 east and continue on and go through the door. You will soon reach the seal
 that marks the end of the Human area.

 Ride the Elevator up to 2F and save your game at the upcoming Small Data
 Node. In the next area you will find another seal area, this time you will
 have to make do with one less turn icon when you are in battle. (minimum one
 icon, of course) This area is not quite as bad as the previous seal area, but
 it’s still pretty damn annoying. Make sure to keep that Impel Stone handy in
 case you need it. (Or you could just Quick escape from every battle here

 Go through the southern seal then turn east and go through the door at the
 end of the hall. Go south and go through the door at the southern end of the
 hallway. Go east at the intersection then follow the hallway south and back
 west and go through the door you come through. Keep going west and through
 the western door. Go north and then west and go through the door you come to
 find the seal that marks the end of this area. 

 Ride the elevator up to 3F and save your game at the Small Data Node. Keep
 going and you will find a door to the west that you can’t open yet, so don’t
 worry about it and go south to run into another boss.

   Asura Ravana

 -Null: Expel/Death/Ailments, Strong: Phys
 -Recommended Level: 62

 There isn’t really any special skill setup needed for this battle, just set
 your best Elemental magic (don’t bother with physical) along with the
 appropriate Amp and Boost skills. Have Gale set Pyriphlegethon if he has it
 along Fire Amp + Fire Boost, as it will be your strongest attack. (If you do
 have Gale in your party have him set Elec Resist, as Ravana will use
 Jupiter’s Fury and Maziodyne occasionally) Having Force Repel/Drain is a wise

 Ravana has been neutered since DDS 1. Not only do you skip his first form
 entirely and go straight to his second form, but he can’t use Hunger Wave to
 inflict the Mad status either. That doesn’t mean that he’s a weak opponent,
 though, as he can and will use a variety of strong attacks like Genocide or
 Skull Cleave against you.

 After you knock off some of his HP he will start using an attack called
 Infinite Wind, a powerful Force attack, so be sure to keep up an Anti-Force
 shield at all times. After he takes some more damage he’ll start using Magic
 Repel. When he does this either switch over to Almighty or you will just have
 to wait until the next turn to attack. (well, you could use Physical too, but
 it’s not very effective against Ravana.)

 This is a pretty simple battle strategy-wise, just start by applying any
 –Kaja and –Kunda skills you have then attacking him with your best Elemental
 magic and keeping up an Anti-Force Shield at all times.


 Ride the Platform up to the Sixth Layer.

___________________________________6th Layer___________________________________

 -Items: Hero Ration
         (Mute Trap)
         Dekaja Rock x 2
         (Ache Trap)
         (Synchro Ring)
         Wild Bomb x 2
         Soma Drop
         Vital Data
         Chakra Pot
         Purple Crystal
         (Damage Trap)
         Black Pearl
         Great Chakra
         Ice Wall x 2
         Star Ruby
         (Lotus Seed)
         (Lotus Seed)
         Medical Gear

 There’s not much happening on 1F of the Sixth (and final) Layer. You will
 find a Large Data Node soon after reaching 2F. Search the area until you find
 a column of light rising out of the floor. Enter this column and you will be
 warped to a small triangular room. There is a door behind you that leads to a
 room with some goodies, (and a trap) and ahead of you are two more columns of
 light. Take the right column to be taken to a new area. (The other one takes
 you back to the first area.) 

 Search this area to find another column of light. This will take you to
 another room with two more column of light. Take the left column to a new
 area. Search the area for, you guessed it, another column of light. This
 column warps to yet another triangular room with two Columns of light. If you
 go through the door behind you here you will be attacked by an incoherent
 Arahabaki. *Kicks ATLUS’ localization team* This guy can be a problem, as the
 only way to damage it is with Ice (which it is weak to) and Almighty. It also
 uses strong attacks like Last Word and if its HP are low it will use Death
 March, a very nasty kamikaze attack. Make sure that everyone has set their
 strongest Ice attack they have along with Ice Boost (and Ice Amp, if they
 have it) and try to kill it in one turn.

 Take the left column to reach a new area. You know the drill; search the
 area, find the column of light, warp to a triangular room with two more
 Columns of light. There is a Small Data Node in the backroom of this area, so
 save your game then take the left column to warp to a new area. Find the next
 Column and warp to the next room, there is another Small Data Node in the
 back room. (What is with these uneven terminal placements in the DDS series
 anyway?) Take the left column to warp to a new area. Find the Column, Warp to
 a triangular room, take the left column, and do the Hokey Pokey! (Sorry, too
 much sun...)

 Ahem... You’ve finally made it through those Warps so continue on until you
 reach the elevator up to 3F. Keep going until you reach a Small Data Node and
 a Restoration Node. You will two Flower Doors branching off to the west and
 east of this room, but if you try to go through either door you will get
 yelled at by a disembodied voice and kicked out of the room. (Those two doors
 just lead to optional bosses, so don’t worry too much about them for now)
 Make sure you take advantage of both Nodes, because there’s a boss coming up,
 and this one is a doozy...

   Yaksa Meganada

 -(Closed) Drain: Elec, Null: Phys/Expel/Death/Ailments
  (Open) Drain: Elec, Null: Fire/Ice/Force/Earth/Expel/Death/Ailments
 -Recommended Level: 67

 HAVE EVERYONE SET ELEC DRAIN! You will need this to stand a chance in this
 fight. It is also a good idea to set Resist Phys and/or Void Phys on anyone
 who has it. You want to set your strongest non-Elec elemental magic (with the
 appropriate Amp and Boost skills, of course) along with their best physical
 attack as well. Have Gale set Pyriphlegethon (with Fire Amp and Fire Boost)
 if he has it, as it will likely be the strongest attack you have. Make sure
 that everyone has the Elemental Resist that corresponds to their weakness.
 Have everyone set Null Charm and/or Null Panic, to. Have someone set Mind
 Charge so you can use Charge (-Kaja skill + Magic Charge) combo and
 Debilitate (either the skill or the -Kunda skill + Mind Charge combo) and
 give them the Synchro Ring. I hope that someone has Mediarahan too.

 Meganada has two forms, one where his shell is closed and another where his
 shell is opened. When the shell is closed he uses normal physical attacks and
 Mad Rush. The problem is that his physical attacks will cause an absurd
 amount of damage to you. His normal attack can chop off over 200 HP, and Mad
 Rush can wipe out your entire party if you are particularly unlucky. He is
 also immune to Physical and can only be hurt by non-Elec elemental magic when
 his shell is closed. When the shell is open he mainly uses –Dyne level
 elemental magic against you. I should also mention that for some reason that
 when his shell is closed he will have two turn icons, but when it is open he
 has four turn icons.

 The thing you want to watch out for when you fight him is when he uses a
 skill called Black Bhakti, as when he does this he is charging up for a super
 attack on the next turn. If the shell is closed his super attack will be
 Viraj Blade, a nasty, but survivable almighty attack. If the shell is open
 however, he will use Meru Thunder, an attack that will more than likely wipe
 out your entire party. Fortunately Meru Thunder is an Elec attack, so an Elec
 Drain shield will not only protect you but also fully heal you to boot1.

 When his HP starts to dip into the red zone be careful, as he will start to
 be able to cast Black Bhakti and Viraj Blade/Meru Thunder in the same turn.
 If he is almost out of HP and his shell is open he will cast Makakaja twice,
 then Black Bhakti, and finally unleashes a Meru Thunder. (If you don’t have
 an Elec Drain shield up when he does this you _will_ die!) Be sure to keep up
 an Elec Drain Shield at all times when Meganada’s HP gets low.


 After the fight save your game at the Small Data Node (or you could... you
 know... use the Small Data Node and Restoration Node in the previous room
 too...) and ride the platform up. You can talk to Schrodinger if you want,
 then jump into the giant Lotus Flower to face the final boss of the game.

   God Brahman

 -Recommended Level: 68

 Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) Brahman
 continues the tradition the tradition of rather disappointing final bosses in
 the Digital Devil Saga series. If you can take Meganada, there’s no reason
 why you should lose to this guy. He has a total of five forms, but each form
 is almost exactly like each other. He will also throws pretty much everything
 but the kitchen sink at you over the course of the fight. Oh, one final
 thing, all of his forms gets five turn icons, but if you eat all those turn
 icons with a drain shield it won’t really make a difference.

 For your skills you want to have Fire Drain, Ice Drain, Elec Drain, Force
 Drain and Earth Drain spread out over your characters. For offense you want
 to have your best single target attacks. (Godslayer or Executioner with
 Critical and MIN/MAX Critical, or –Dyne level elemental spells with Amp and
 Boost.) If you have multiple characters using elemental magic then make sure
 that each character uses a different element type. Make sure that you can
 cast both Dekaja and Dekunda as well.

   God Brahman One

 -Drain: Fire, Null: Expel/Death/Ailments

 The first form uses Trisagion and Agidyne along with Hamaon and Xanadu. Set
 up a Fire Drain shield and maybe have someone revert to human form to protect
 you from Expel. After damaging him enough he’ll go into his next form.

   God Brahman Two

 -Drain: Force, Null: Expel/Death/Ailments

 This form uses Vayaviya and Zandyne along with Fatal Charm. Set up a Force
 Drain shield and have a Panacea handy in case someone gets Charmed.

   God Brahman Three

 -Drain: Earth, Null: Expel/Death/Ailments

 This form uses Titanomachia and Teradyne along with Wicked Curse. Make sure
 you keep up an Earth Drain Shield at all times. Also from here on out he will
 start using a skill called Eternal Zero, a skill that basically fully –Kajas
 him AND fully –Kundas you. (Meaning it gives him the equivalent of 3x
 Tarukaja, Makakaja, Sukukaja, and Rakukaja, while giving you 3x Tarunda,
 Makanda, Sukunda, and Rakunda) After he does this make sure to immediately
 use both Dekaja and Dekunda.

   God Brahman Four

 -Drain: Elec, Null: Expel/Death/Ailments

 This form uses Narukami and Ziodyne along with Neural Shock. Keep up an Elec
 Drain shield at all times.

   God Brahman Final

 -Drain: Ice, Null: Expel/Death/Ailments

 Almost there...

 The final form will use Nilfheim and Bufudyne along with Silent Howl. He does
 have a new skill called Brahma Sutra, a pretty nasty Almighty attack.
 (especially if he hits you with Eternal Zero beforehand.) Fortunately he
 doesn’t use it all that often. Other than that, he really isn’t that
 different from his previous forms, so just keep up what you’ve been doing and
 you should be able to finish him off.

 You’d think they would’ve made God be a little more of an exiting opponent,
 wouldn’t they?


 Well, that’s it. Once Brahman Final is defeated you are treated to the ending
 cinema. It’s been an incredible ride, but now it’s over.

-----------------------------------New Cycle-----------------------------------

 Hold on a minute, it’s not quite over, because just like in DDS 1 you can
 make a “New Cycle” save after the credits. A new cycle save will allow you to
 replay the game with a few things carrying over from your last game.

 -Hard Mode will be unlocked if hasn’t already.

 -Any bonuses that you acquired by importing a DDS 1 save (Stat bonuses,
  rings, Heat ect.) are still valid during a replay.

 -All mastered, purchased, and unlocked Mantra will carry over into the new
  cycle. All of your skills will carry over. Serph will inherit Seraph’s
  Mantra Grid, and Roland will get Heat’s (If you unlocked him) Mantra Grid.

 -You will keep all your Karma Rings along with any gems that you put in them.

 -Your combo list and Time Played will carry over.

 -All characters will automatically learn the “Human Form” skill. When you set
  this skill you will always start battles in human form. (um... yay?)

 -Your character’s Levels, Stats, Macca, and Items will NOT carry over into
  the New Cycle.

 -Your shop Rank resets, so you will have to raise your Shop Rank again.

 -You will automatically get the Berserker Ring in the Underwater Cable.

   Hard Mode New Cycle

 Restarting your game in Hard Mode, however, is slightly different than normal
 mode. The big change is that you will NOT keep Mantra/skills or Karma Rings
 when you restart in Hard Mode.


 Shan-ti, Shan-ti

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Side Quests [#008]||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

======================|Jack Frost’s Kwazy Kwiz! [#008.1]|======================

 As you are going through the game you will rarely (very rarely) encounter a
 lone Jack Frost. He doesn’t want to fight; instead he will ask you a few
 trivia questions. For every Question you get right he will give you an item,
 anything from a Ration to a Magic Data. He will keep asking questions until
 you either answer a question incorrectly or you answer 20 questions in a row.

 If you are looking for a list of questions and what rewards Check out
 Redstar’s excellent Jack Frost FAQ at:



||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Appendix [#009]||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

=============================|Karma Rings [#009.1]|============================

   Power Ring

 Where: Won from a Ghoul in the Underwater Cable
 Slots: 3
 Stats: St +3
 Effect: Raises Strength

   Vital Ring

 Where: Inside a yellow treasure chest in the Underwater Cable
 Slots: 3
 Stats: Vi +3
 Effect: Raises Vitality

   Magic Ring

 Where: Sold for $3000 at the Mad Mart
 Slots: 3
 Stats: Ma +3
 Effect: Raises Magic

   Quick Ring

 Where: Sold for $3000 at the Mad Mart
 Slots: 3
 Stats: Ag +3
 Effect: Raises Agility

   Luck Ring

 Where: Inside a yellow treasure chest in the Underwater Cable
 Slots: 3
 Stats: Lu +3
 Effect: Raises Luck

   Rich Ring

 Where: Won from the Crimson Box
 Slots: 2
 Stats: Lu +1
 Effect: You will get more Money from every battle.

   Trick Ring

 Where: Inside a yellow treasure chest in the Internment Facility
 Slots: 4
 Stats: Ag +1, Lu +1
 Effect: Starts battle with Sukukaja and Tarunda on wearer

   Phantom Ring

 Where: Inside a yellow treasure chest in the Internment Facility
 Slots: 4
 Stats: Ma +1, Ag +1
 Effect: Increases Agility while in Human Form

   Demon Ring

 Where: Inside a Yellow Treasure Chest in the Karma Society Tower
 Slots: 4
 Stats: St +1, Ma +1
 Effect: Attack command does more damage when cursed

   Protect Ring

 Where: Sold for $5000 from the Mad Mart
 Slots: 4
 Stats: Vi +2
 Effect: Increases effect while in Human Form

   Berserker Ring

 Where: Won from a Ghoul in the Underwater Cable (2nd play through only)
 Slots: 4
 Stats: N/A
 Effect: Always fight normal battles in Berserk Mode.

________________________Digital Devil Saga 1 Bonus Rings_______________________

   Hee-Ho Ring

 Where: Won from a Ghoul in the Underwater Cable (King Frost Defeated)
 Slots: 2
 Stats: Vi +1
 Effect: Nullifies Ice Attacks

   Divine Ring

 Where: Won from an Eligor in the Karma Society Tower (Metatron Defeated)
 Slots: 4
 Stats: Vi +1
 Effect: Repels Expel Attacks

==============================|Shop List [#009.2]|=============================

 Like most of the conventions of this series, the shops of Digital Devil Saga
 2 work a little differently than they did in the Junkyard. There are only two
 places in the game where you can buy items, the main branch of the Mad Mart
 which can be found in the Underground City, and the Mad Mart Express which
 can ONLY be found in your current dungeon. (If you go back to a previous
 dungeon he won’t be there.)

 As you buy and sell items at the Mad Mart you will shop points. For every
 $100 you spend (or receive, in the case of selling) you will get one shop
 point. (note that buying boxes won’t give you any shop points) Getting a
 certain amount of shop points will increase your shop rank. A higher shop
 rank will not only increase the selection of items for sale, but will also
 allow you to sell stuff at a higher price. A good way to quickly gain shop
 points is to buy as many items as you can, then immediately sell the items
 you just purchased right back again. You will get shop points for both
 transactions, and save a little money in the process.

   Rank 1

 -Points needed: 0

 -New Items:
    Ration                100
    Revival Bead          500
    Dis-Poison            200
    Dis-Ache              150
    Dis-Mute              150
    Dis-Stun              100
    Dis-Stone             300
    Dis-Curse             200
    Panacea               150

 -New Ammo:
    Shot Shell           1500
    Charge Shot          2000

   Rank 2

 -Points needed: 100

 -New Items:
    Crimson Box          1000

 -New Ammo:
    Frigid Shot          5000

 -New Karma Rings:
    Magic Ring           3000
    Quick Ring           3000

   Rank 3

 -Points needed: 300

 -New Items:
    Brave Ration          500
    Chakra Drop          3000
    Muscle Drink         2000
    Spyglass             5000

 -New Ammo:
    Panic Shell          8000
    Metal Jacket         9000

 -New Karma Rings:
    Protect Ring         5000

   Rank 4

 -Points needed: 800

 -New Items:
    Graven Shard        50000
    Medical Kit          5000

 -New Ammo:
    Tranq Shot          10000
    Hollow Point        12000

 -New Karma Rings:
    Hi-Vital Ring       10000
    Hi-Quick Ring       10000
    Hi-Luck Ring        10000

   Rank 5

 -Points needed: 2300

 -New Items:
    Hero Ration          2000
    Medical Tool        30000
    Chakra Pot          10000
    Revival Gem         10000
    Estoma Spray         3000
    Magic Reed           3000
    White Box           10000

 -New Ammo:
    Nerve Shot          20000
    Curse Shot          20000
    Mute Shot           30000
    Iron Shot           40000

 -New Karma Rings:
    Hi-Power Ring       10000
    Hi-Magic Ring       10000

   Rank 6

 -Points needed: 6000

 -New Items:
    Graven Image       150000
    Chakra Elixir      200000
    Al Azif            100000

 -New Ammo:
    Neutron Shot        50000
    Silver Shot         70000
    Charm Shot         100000

 -New Karma Rings:
    SP Vital Ring       40000
    SP Quick Ring       40000
    SP Luck Ring        40000

   Rank 7

 -Points needed: 15000

 -New Items:
    Revival Orb        600000
    Golden Box         100000

 -New Ammo:
    Dead End           200000
    Forged Shot        400000

 -New Karma Rings:
    SP Power Ring       40000
    SP Magic Ring       40000


|||||||||||||||||||||||Frequently Asked Questions [#010]|||||||||||||||||||||||

-Q: How do I get past that Jailer in the Internment Facility? He keeps
    catching up to me.
 A: Unfortunately there isn’t any real trick to getting past the Jailer, other
    than speed and a little luck. The only real advice I can give is to ignore
    the traps and run all out. If you get caught in a trap then keep holding
    down the directional button so you can get moving the instant the trap
    releases you.

-Q: Will I be able to return to Karma City after I enter the Final Dungeon?
 A: No. Once you reach the Final Dungeon you will not be able to leave it.

-Q: How do I get Jack Frost/Omoikanes/Narasimha/Parvati to appear more often?
 A: Unfortunately, There is no way to increase the appearance rate of these
    demons. (...well, that’s not entirely true. Using a Magic Reed will
    increase your general encounter rate, and more encounters mean more
    chances to encounter one of these guys.)

-Q: Do I need to play the first Digital Devil Saga to understand what is going
    on in the story?
 A: Not necessarily. For the most part you should be able to figure out what
    is going on without playing DDS 1. Still, I would recommend tracking it 
    down and playing it (and SMT: Nocturne too) if you get the chance, as 
    it’s still a great game in it’s own right and it gives some nifty bonuses
    in DDS 2.

-Q: How hard is Hard Mode?
 A: It’s... well... hard. If you don’t know what you’re doing you can get
    wiped out pretty quickly.

-Q: Can I still get Heat to join if I didn’t import a save from DDS 1/answered
    a dialog choice incorrectly?
 A: No. To get Heat you must import from DDS 1 and answer every one of the
    corresponding dialog choices correctly.

-Q: Is there any way to bring the skills I learned in DDS 1 over to DDS 2?
 A: NO! There is absolutely no way to import skills into DDS 2.

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Contributors [#011]||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

-Many thanks to Arcane Ether for sending in an ASCII map and a Kumbhanda
 avoiding strategy along with a few other additions.

 Why didn’t the Karma Society just stock up on Dis-Stones instead?

Please don’t put this walkthrough up on any website without my permission. 
This document is Copyright 2005-2006 James “JaggedJim” Ramsey.

                               In loving memory
                             Mae Vanek: 1930-2002